DIY: Stamped Clay Place Cards

Stamped Place Cards for Your Holiday Table | Design Mom

If you are looking for an easy and simple and fairly clean project for yourself, or to do with kids, these stamped clay place cards are a great choice. And if you have any budding spellers, this is extra fun! Bonus: if you worry about misspelling names, these place cards are easily fixed. Instead of throwing out the whole thing, just toss the erring letter (or two) and add in the corrections.

I also love this project because I’ve always been a fan of place cards. It feels so special to be invited to dinner and find a place setting with your name on it. Such a thoughtful touch.

Want to try these? Let’s get started.

Stamped Place Cards | Design Mom
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Stamped Place Cards for Your Holiday Table | Design Mom
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Stamped Clay Place Cards | Design Mom


air-dry clay
rolling pin or brayer
circle cutter
alphabet letter stamps — lots of different options out there here’s a good serif one, and a good san-serif one.
stamp pad
– damp cloth
twine, string, narrow ribbon

Stamped Clay Place Cards | Design Mom

Roll out the air-dry clay and punch out circles with a cutter, one for each letter of each name.

Stamped Clay Place Cards | Design Mom

Ink the letter stamps and press the stamps into the clay circles. If the stamping is messy, use a damp cloth to wipe away the excess. The extra ink wipes off the damp clay.

Stamped Clay Place Cards | Design Mom

With a little more air-dry clay, make small, flat balls, enough for each letter of the name. Between the small balls and the stamped circles, sandwich a length of twine or string. Gently pressing them together will flatten the small balls and combine them together. If the clay is drying out, use the damp cloth to moisten the two surfaces and then stick them together.

If you would rather, allow the circles to completely dry and then use a hot glue gun to adhere the circles to the twine.

stamped-place-cards 14

Allow to dry. Use as place cards for a holiday meal (or a random Tuesday dinner, because Tuesdays need all the help they can get.)

stamped-place-cards 8
stamped-place-cards 12


These turned out so cute. I think they’d be fun for guests to take home  — a little keepsake to remember the meal and company. And I like that I can switch up the font with different stamps. Very cool!

Created by Amy Christie for Design Mom.

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  1. can’t wait to try this today with my 11 yr old daughter as lead crafter for my other kids. and “tuesdays need all the help they can get.” nailed it.

  2. Hi, I you sure about the twine you linked to? It looks a little think for this project? Can’t quite tell from the photos. Thanks!

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