By Gabrielle.

Today we took advantage of the sun and visited 3 islands in the Venice Lagoon. I snapped the photo of the necklaces above on the island of Murano — home of the famed Murano glass.

Yes, I bought one. Will you laugh at me if I tell you it was a version in grey? It was hanging to the left of the blue ones and didn’t even make my photo. All that color and I went for the industrial looking one. Hah! What color would you have picked?

Tomorrow is our last day in Venice. We’re still undecided on what we’re going to do, but I’m not worried. It’s hard to go wrong.

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  1. when we were staying in venice years ago, we were invited to the rosin workshop on murano because my dad has collected so many of his pieces. apparently, visitors are a no-no, so we were asked to be very quiet. and in the middle of july heat, in a workshop filled with massive stoves and kilns, we watched the team support rosin as he did his work – it was the most amazing “dance” or intuition/skill i have ever seen. i went from being skeptical about the afternoon (i was younger and inherently bored :) to being mesmerized – spending hours dripping buckets of sweat and not able to take my eyes of the creation of art…a process that has always taken a hold of me.

    and as for the beads, i now need a strand. and while i love color, grey would be magical and seems just right for you. i think it would be awesome to mix the grey with the green or the red…or a big massive, expensive jumble of colors complimented by the balance of grey :)

    lovely choice. is venice lovely in the winter? i’ve always dreamed of returning to venice in the winter.

  2. I was entranced by the colored houses on Murano when I was there 20 years ago as a college student. Are they still all kinds of color?

    PS I would have gone for grey, too.

  3. Do you remember the name of the shop? I’m heading to Venice this spring and would love to pick one up. So much more unique than the traditional Murano vases. Thanks!!

  4. Before I read your text I imagined these were much bigger, some kind of amazing wall art installation! Wouldn’t that look cool? A curtain of huge blown glass baubles against a white painted wall in Summertime? Hmmm.
    I’d have gone for a red necklace, and worn it against grey, convincing myself I had bust out of my usual neutrals ;-)

  5. hope you’re enjoying your trip! we were recently in venice and bought the colorful glass balloons! so pretty! i think i would have chosen orange or the light green! bonne annee!

  6. Hi,
    Can you please do a post outlining specific things to do and places to go with young kids in Venice, Rome and Pisa?

  7. I probably would have picked one in every color. Ever since I traveled to Venice for my 30th birthday, I’ve been sorry that I didn’t buy more amazing pieces from Murano. Nice choice with the grey though!

  8. Any shade of green would have been my choice. I love Venice, Murano & Burano. I’ve been twice and your photos make me yearn to visit again. Have fun!

  9. Adrienne Hooker

    I hope you visited the fish market (although it may be closed for the winter). Take a traghetto across the Grand Canal and stand as the locals do; that’s a feat in itself… And do stop in one of the many amazing paper shops. You fall in love the moment you step over the threshold.

    Happy New Year!

  10. Grey – I love grey. I love the understated yet eye catchingly elegancy of grey. And I wish you would show it to us :-)I recently got our kitchen painted grey (RAL 7006 and changed the tabeltop to Sand Mysteri, Caesarstone from Spekva – it looks fantastic).

  11. Just noticed that the colors in the picture are like reverse-order matches for all of your “follow me” buttons on the top left (pinterest/facebook/twitter etc.) Weird!

    I probably would have picked grey too. LOL

  12. Choosing just one colour would be hard! I think I’d probably go for the emerald green although I am quite intrigued by the grey colour that you purchased. I think we need to see a picture :) Speaking of grey… I’ve noticed a mish mash of spellings here in the comments: grey and gray. I’m Australian (we spell it grey) but I live in America where I thought it was spelled gray. Am I wrong in thinking this? I noticed that you spelled it grey in your post. I really must brush up on all these differences in spelling before my almost 6 year old gets too far at school! I’ve been teaching her all the spellings I’m used to (for example colour, flavour, centre, realise…) and she’s bound to start getting these wrong in spelling tests soon ;) She’s already been caught out by pronouncing the letter Z “zed” in a test and lost points. Oops!

    1. Grey/Gray is a tricky one. I think either one is technically correct in the U.S., but gray is most common. I think I started using grey because is reminds me of greige — that grey beige color which is so common here. I call is French Grey.

  13. I would’ve picked the grey too! I love color in my home but I wear black, white, army and grey most of the time. Not because I’m boring but because I honestly love those colors (charcoal tank with baggy army chinos and tons of wrap bracelets is my favorite outfit).

    The french grey I think of as taupey grey. Many shoes and bags in that color. I’m not a silver grey lover but the taupey grey, charcoal and fleece are right up my alley.

  14. Such a beautiful mix of Murano glass colours, my choice is normally the bright blue colour although I wear alot of the silver leaflet Murano glass as its so pretty and goes with everything. Thanks for sharing.

  15. I love these! Can you tell me the name of the store you found these at? I am going to Venice at the end of next month and definitely plan to see Murano since I missed it my first time there a long time ago.

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