Russian River

Russian River

Image and text by Gabrielle.

Hello, Friends! How are you? I’m writing today from a little rental house on the banks of Russian River — about 2 hours north of Oakland. We’re here to enjoy some concentrated family time without the distractions of home. I think this is the most laid back trip we’ve ever taken — consisting entirely of board games, puzzles, movie marathons, baking, napping and reading. We originally planned to do some hiking and exploring, but 6 out of 8 of us are under the weather (thankfully nothing worrisome), so hanging out in pjs feels just right. We haven’t really left the house!

It’s been a nice little internet break for me as well. I took several days away from my phone and laptop, and am just checking in lightly this week. Feels good!

The last week of the year always seems like such a limbo week to me — like I couldn’t keep to a standard schedule if I tried. Are you the same? What’s this week like at your house? Are you back at work? Hanging out with your kids on their school break? Have you put holiday decorations away? Are you traveling this week? I’d love to hear!

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  2. Welcome to my neck of the Redwoods! Be sure to go up the coast a little ways to Fort Ross. It’s a super interesting state park, a Russian Settlement built in 1812. Also, Cape Fear restaurant in Duncan’s Mills is delish!

  3. Where are you staying along the Russian River?! My family rented a place in Guerneville in August and we had one of the best vacations I’ve ever been on. I hope you all had a blast and that you feel better soon!

  4. That looks beautiful, and while I’m sorry to hear that you’re under the weather, the vacation sounds like a needed break! I find this week before New Year’s a sort of limbo as well — one of my children went to Switzerland with his dad, so it’s just my other two kids and me at home. We’re basically doing nothing — enjoying the glorious winter days of southern California, lazing about in our pajamas most of the day, baking and watching movies! Happy New Year to you!

  5. I like your comment about “without the distractions of home”. I’ve been in limbo since Christmas. I finally realized I just haven’t known where to begin: the tree? decorations? playroom? mountain of laundry? closets? Overwhelmed. Enjoy your time away… :)

  6. How wonderful for all of you! The last half of Ben’s siblings are doing similar
    things! Sabeys to “Brian Head.” Jim and family to L.A; Carol to some European Quiet place. We’re just trying to keep our station open for Holiday Pilgrims!!
    Really interesting that one needs to get away from home to have Family Time!!!

    Such a great way to spend the holidays.

  7. back to my neck of he woods! I grew up in Ukiah, and had Gary Fawson as a seminary teacher. Enjoy your family time!!

  8. A “disconnected” vacation is the best kind! Even with the best intentions the distractions of running a household can be intrusive. We’ve just moved to Colorado and as a result don’t know very many people, so we are enjoying time spent in our PJs without the worry of company coming over! It’s been wonderfully laid back and has given us time to observe what wonderful little weirdos we’re raising!
    Best wishes for 2015

  9. Sounds fun!
    I’m still on Christmas break, and I’m making myself go to the gym everyday this week, also, do stuff with the kids!

  10. We are in Naples, FL far from Michigan! It is warm and we celebrated the New Year by watching the fireworks on Naples Pier. This was such a magical and family fun event! Our first time ever watching familes light lanterns and letting them free up over the gulf. Very touching and beautiful. Happy New Year!

  11. Love that area. My father lived in Santa Rosa and since he passed away 3 years ago, we haven’t been back down there. I’m due.

  12. Yeah, we spent this past week with family in Michigan just kinda lazing around, getting some computer time in while my little children just had fun at Grandma’s house, and my husband did man stuff in the woods. Did a little shopping too with Christmas gift cards.

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