Parenting Book Announcement!

Some happy news: Ben Blair and I officially have a contract to write a parenting book! We’re still not sure on the title, and it will be published next year. We’re working with Artisan Books and the brilliant Lia Ronnen (they published my earlier book too!).

We spent many months of quarantine working on the book proposal and we’re so excited to write this book and share it with you.

Related, you can check out a discussion on Instagram with the prompt: What are your top parenting concerns? And speaking of parenting, I gave updates about our 3 oldest kids if you’d like to see:

7 thoughts on “Parenting Book Announcement!”

  1. I have always really appreciated your perspective on parenting and will be so looking forward to reading your book!

  2. That is such good news, congratulations! And bravo for your older kids, they seem very down to earth and in action… I have many parenting questions but somehow the answer to all of them is probably “through my own example”; my son is 7 and I feel I need to go back to parenting books, but I also feel i need to work on myself more! I love reading about your renovation and watching your kids work with you; team work is such a great experience. I’ve read that vaccinated us citizens will be allowed to travel to France, I hope your kids will be vaccinated soon. I got mine last friday and was so moved. Thanks for your good spirits.

  3. Great news! You are so thoughtful to add that bit about college in your updates. It can be so overwhelming and scary. I’d like to see this mentioned in your book (congrats!) – how to rise above the crazy, competitive, stressful parenting and let your kids be who they are as they take their journey.

  4. Congratulations! That’s exciting. I hope you will address parenting adult children. My youngest will be 18 in July, and in many ways I feel like that’s something like the halfway point of parenting! I wish you and Ben so much success with this.

  5. All around happy news!
    Congrats on your book deal and congrats to your kids for reaching such wonderful milestones in these pandemic and politically challenging times.

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