What to Wear to 2nd Grade

It’s Maude’s turn. The composition above is only an approximation because I couldn’t find pictures of the exact items. But this captures the look and feel of what she’ll be wearing on the first day of school. The tee will be worn under the blouse. The jacket is just in case it’s cold. The sneakers are super cute, navy with pink accents. I love dark sneakers for my kids because they stay looking better longer. Her hair will be in 2 braids. Jacket by Old Navy. Tee by Old Navy. Blouse by Gymboree. Cropped Trousers by Boden. Socks by Gap. Shoes by Puma.

What to Wear to 3rd Grade

The ideal first day of school outfit for Ralph who enters 3rd grade. Ralph calls this kind of outfit “jumpy” because it makes him feel like doing cool jumps (think extreme sports). Pants by Gap. T-shirt by Children’s Place. Button down (worn unbuttoned over tee) by Children’s Place. Socks by Hanes. Shoes by Converse.

What to Wear to Kindergarten

School start September 6th. Today I will go through my kids fall/winter clothes and make an evaluation — what have they outgrown, what looks too worn — before I start shopping for school clothes. If my memory serves, their wardrobes are in pretty good shape and I won’t need to add many items, mostly just fill in a few gaps and get some new sneakers. But even though their existing clothes are workable, I like to have a brand new outfit for them to wear the first day of school. It just makes the day feel more special. So this post is “What to Wear to the First Day of School : Kingergarten Edition.” Pictured, is the outfit I’ve picked out for Olive’s first day. Just imagine this outfit with little, beribboned pigtails and her clear blue eyes. She will be absolutely irresistible to any Kindergarten teacher. And in my experience, if the teacher loves my kid, I will love the teacher — which makes for a happy school year. Note: I’m stealing the What-to-Wear idea from the wonderful EmilyStyle. Dress by Old Navy. (I picked this out earlier.) Socks by Old Navy. Shoes by Garvalin Kids. Sweater (if it’s chilly) from Boden. Ribbon (to tie around pigtails) from the Ribbon Factory.

Betty Blair’s Birth Announcement

One of the smartest things I’ve ever done is hire out my baby announcment design. Although I’m a graphic designer and I love designing baby announcements for everyone else, I had the forethought to know I shouldn’t design my own babys’. I knew I would be a) too stressed out with a new baby and b) feel really indecisive about any design I came up with.

So, when I was pregnant for the first time, I contacted one of my favorite illustrators, Apryl, and hired her to do the announcement. Apryl is crazy talented and does the most incredible lettering.

She gave us the original (about 7″ x 10″) as a gift and we sent out smaller prints in the mail. The original was framed and hung over the crib. It turned out so amazing, we’ve hired her for the rest of the baby announcements too. We just received Betty’s last week. So, so darling. I can’t wait to mail them out.

The Bubble Wand in My Head

The kids and I had a perfect summer moment in the backyard this afternoon with a bubble wand. I love the new wands available. When I was a kid, it was just a little bottle with a tiny wand and it took lots of practice to actually get bubbles to blow through the little hole. Now there are a million different wands in cute shapes (ours is a ladybug). Just wave and go. Even my toddlers can manage it. I would love to give bubble wands as a party favor at a BBQ or outdoor summer event. But I don’t want to give out a plastic wand. I want a wand made of metal with a wooden handle and maybe an oversize jewel-like bead at the end of the handle. I could put the bubble solution in pretty bottles or even vintage canning jars with a cool label. Someone should manufacture these and sell them at Smith and Hawken or in the Sundance catalog.
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