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Okay you guys. You will think I’m ridiculous, but here’s the deal. Ben Blair and I arrived home from Florence on Saturday night. And the kids happen to have a 2-week break from school starting today. So. We loaded up the van and we’re driving to Barcelona!!

We’re making a couple of stops on the drive south to break up the trip, but we should arrive in Spain tomorrow. I’m so excited! I’ve never been to Barcelona but we’ve heard over and over again that it’s an amazing city for families to visit.

Something interesting about this trip: we stayed at a small hotel last night, we’re staying at a youth hostel tonight, and we’re trying out Airbnb in Barcelona (it’s this apartment — looks good, right?). Should be fun to compare and contrast. : )

How do you travel? Hotels? RVs? House Rentals? There are so many options!

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  1. I definitely do not think you guys are ridiculous!! If I had the opportunity to live in France like you guys, I would take every possible opportunity to travel all over the place! Bon voyage!!

  2. gabriella,
    We are going to join you! We have friends in Spain….Mirabelle …..you are not crazy! You are awesome! Hunter S. Thompson said…when the going get weird…the weird turn Pro!
    World school…you are giving them sooooo much! I love your adventurous Spirit! WHER NEXT? I’M THINKING AUSTRALIA! warm…Africa? You need to visit the Farm…When you get back to the continental US! We need to meet Ralph!

  3. Wow, I’m sure you’re having a blast in Barcelona now. When we lived in Germany, we went there on a cruise and I fell in love with Barcelona even though we were only there for a day. Definitely La Sagrada Familia, Parc Guell and anything Joan Miro and Gaudi would be good to see. I loooooove the colors, shapes and the tilework all over the city! We got on a hop on hop off bus and it was a stress free way to see the city. Can’t wait to see the pictures you’ll share on the blog!

    Before having kids, we’d stay in any decent budget lodgings when we traveled. (I rely heavily on Frommers.com and Tripadvisor.com recommendations for lodging and sights to see) However, now that we have 2 wee ones, we tend to stay in suite hotels. At least in the U.S., we’ve stayed at Residence Inns and Embassy Suites. It’s nice that a door shuts between you and the kids and that a righteous breakfast is included in the package, and sometimes snackies at night. Sadly, traveling overseas, we still get just 1 room. Will have to check out airbnb, sounds promising. Thanks for the tip! Oh, and also when we have limited time in any city, I go ahead and book a tour, either private or shared so that they can take us to all the neat places stress free :-)

  4. Your posts about family travel are lending me a great big feeling of relief. My husband and I are expecting our first child and I have been sort of, kind of, guiltily lamenting the impending loss of travelling freedom. We’re big time about off-the-beaten-track exploration and spur-of-the-moment haul-offs so this will be a big change for us. However, reading about your family’s joyful, sour-of-the-moment adventures has put a different slant of family life. Thanks for showing that it is possible!

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