Olive Us: Tongue Twisters

By Gabrielle.

Let me guess. School doesn’t start until Monday and you have some bored, stir-crazy kids on your hands. Well you’re in luck! I’ve got the perfect Olive Us episode for you. It’s called Tongue Twisters, and it will have your kids testing out their own weird word concoctions — and probably giggling a lot too!

Olive Us Tongue Twisters

As you can imagine, this was a really fun episode to film. The hardest part was narrowing down which tongues twisters to use. In fact, if you have a favorite tongue twister, I’d love to hear it! I hope you enjoy the video. And I hope you enjoy the rest of the holiday break.

P.S. — Would you like to know more about Olive Us? Here you go:

– Find the official Olive Us website here, and subscribe to the Olive Us Newsletter here.
– Find all the posts I’ve written about Olive Us — including every episode — here.
– We’ve made 44 episodes so far and collaborated with ulive on 20 of them! You can find the Olive Us page on ulive here.

12 thoughts on “Olive Us: Tongue Twisters”

  1. WAYYYY too cute! Especially the little ones. I’ll be sure to do this with my daughter when she’s older, and talking. She’s only almost 11 months :) (and her middle name is June!)

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  3. My daughter, Lucy who is 4, loved watching this with me, thank you and your BEAUTIFUL family for sharing! Loved it!! If you and the kids are free, I’d love to have you visit my new store in San Francisco. Happy New Year, and see you in SLC! Yeah Alt Summit!!

  4. I loved the last one, in particular. As a theatre kid at university, it sounds a bit like one of our favorite vocal warm-ups: “Big black bugs bleed blue-black blood, but baby black bugs bleed blue” (clap twice). It was always a ton of fun, and helped everyone get ready for a show!

  5. Adorable, and a wonderful idea! I especially love the composition and lettering. I couldn’t find any lettering credit, did I miss it?

  6. Hilarious! I had my daughter try some of the tongue twisters before I showed her the video. Eleven benevolent elephants was the my favorite. I was crying every time she said ‘eleven benelovent elephants.’

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