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By Gabrielle.

It’s going to be a bit of a crazy week at our house. Ben Blair flew to France yesterday and won’t be back till Sunday, and starting Wednesday, the wood floors are being refinished. Which means we need to live upstairs until they’re done. Which means we won’t have access to the kitchen. Which will be tricky. But I’ve got a plan! And take out menus! And we’ll make it work.

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In honor of Ben’s trip, I thought today would be a fun day to share one of the newest Olive Us episodes, called How to Travel. I’m sure many of you have travel plans for the holidays (or are just returning from Thanksgiving trips), so hopefully this cute little video will resonate. And if you have your own travel tricks and tips you’d like to add, I hope you’ll share them in the comments.

The aim of Ben’s trip is to have the roof and chimney of The Cottage repaired. I tell you, I get a case of the butterflies when I think about progress being made on our pretty little bit of France!

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12 thoughts on “Olive Us: How to Travel”

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  2. When we hit the road for long trips I pack a small backpack for each of my children with some surprises: a new book or a magazine, some goodies (small toys, sweets, a card with some nice words,…), and let them discover them along the way. Some small things really but they like it and it keeps them entertained!

  3. Every time I board a European discount airline with my four cuties (like this weekend for example) I think ‘man they should have made an Olive Us Video about this ridiculousness’ ha! Though I don’t know how keen Ryan air would be to let Julie and Matt film while in flight ha!

  4. My son (who is 2) keeps begging me to watch “more kids.” He really enjoys interacting with other children and watching older ones too. Before he is 3 he will be a big brother for the second time, which he is super excited about. I just hope my baby girl will be equally pleased.

  5. Just curious, are the booster seat laws in France pretty different? Are any of your kids back in boosters now after not having to be there?

    I laughed when Oscar’s little knight lost his hand because my son bought the same one and he had accidently twisted the arm off the hour after we bought it. Oops.

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  7. I think many of us share your butterflies for every bit of your France adventures, including hearing any little bit about the cottage — its roof, its chimney. every little French bit. Talk about vicarious! Yep.

    Regarding refinishing wooden floors, I JUST had mine re-done. Ugh-a-rama. Fine wood dust from the sanding gets Everywhere! Then toxic fumes from the varnishing. My suggestion is to move out for the duration, if At all possible. Hopefully yours won’t be as bad as mine was, but I don’t think I’m the first to experience it this way. And hopefully you have a separate entrance for upstairs. I wish you good luck and blessings.

  8. I’m curious about what you ended up doing about your van. Last I remember you deciding between shipping it from France or buying another in Mexico once you get back. Did I miss an update?

  9. Whenever we travel, I bring along a secret box of fruit-flavored Tic Tacs. Whenever the kids start getting restless or grouchy, I rattle it for a second or two, then sing out, “It’s Tic Tac Time!” Everyone gets two, including Mom and Dad, and we all instantly feel happier and like we got a little treat. It doesn’t matter if it’s once or ten times per trip, it works EVERY SINGLE TIME.

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