Olive Us: Episode 4: Helping Dad

Are you ready? Are you set? Here’s episode 4 of Olive Us! It’s called Helping Dad. Perfect timing for Father’s Day, don’t you think?

Once again, this is a different sort of episode than the ones we’ve shared so far. It’s our first attempt at a parody!

We know that modeling positive behavior can sometimes suggest the Blair kids are unrealistically well-behaved. So we thought it would be funny to make a video showing something truly over-the-top.

We hope you enjoy it! And for those of you with little ones, this episode might be over their heads. But hopefully they’ll still enjoy the music. : )


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32 thoughts on “Olive Us: Episode 4: Helping Dad”

  1. Gabi, I just check to see if that problem came up using chrome and it does not. I am assuming it must be an explorer probem.

    Liked the video!

  2. Hello Gabrielle,

    I just discovered your blog via Katy from no big dill. It is so impressing how you manage traveling with six kids! As I am from germany I loved to hear that you and your family liked german Butterkuchen. My mom used to bake it for me and my friends when we were little. It is so easy and fast to make. I’d love to send you the recipe vie Mail.

  3. Love, love, love it. Tongue-in-cheek humor is my favorite. A great reminder that just because some of us choose to lead with the positive doesn’t mean we think we’re perfect. Life can be messy for everyone, but if you can laugh about it, that’s half the battle. :-)

  4. Haha this is my favorite one so far! Kids doing taxes – what a riot! I’m still a poor enough in my just-graduated-from-college life that the United Way will do my taxes for free. :) I’m scared for the day that’s no longer the case – they seem so intimidating!

  5. Gabby, please tell your children how much my children and I adore these videos! My daughters keep requesting them over and over and are now trying to learn Zing Zing Zing. You have such an amazing family!

  6. Ha ha, love it. And yes, your children really do seem unrealistically well-behaved, but we all need something to shoot for, right? ;)

  7. I just watched olive the olive us upisodes. Truly heartwarming, adorable, artsy and fun. What a wonderful way to capture their childhoods as well as instill great values in them and olive us. (Couldn’t resist.)

  8. Miss Frazzled

    That was my favorite one yet. I don’t know you and Ben Blair, but I have the impression that Ralph’s mannerisms are Ben’s and Maude’s are yours.

  9. I’ve been watching with my 4 year-old daughter (she LOVES them!), and after this one she said, “hey, where was that little sister?” She totally missed Betty :) Her favorite is the Lemonade Stand, and makes me tell all my adult friends about it. (“hey mom! tell her about the video we watched with the lemonade!!”)

  10. Can’t believe how much Maude looks like Gabby. Can’t believe how big Oscar looks!
    I am loving OliveUs. Bravo, kids!

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