Olive Us: Episode 16: Betty in Paris

By Gabrielle. Instagram shot by Ben Blair.

Oh my goodness you guys. This one is for all the Paris lovers and dreamers out there. I can not wait for you to see this episode! It feels magical to me. I could just watch it forever. I love seeing such a magnificent place through a child’s eyes.

When we move back to the U.S., I’m positive we’ll watch this movie every time we get homesick for France. (Try it on vimeo if it’s not playing for you here.)

You can find out a little backstory about this episode here, and for those who are curious, Betty’s pom pom hat and over-the-knee socks are from Tea Collection. Please tell me you love the video as much as I do!

P.S. — Huge thanks to Tiger in a Jar for the gorgeous footage, to Merrilee Liddiard for the beautiful title illustration, and to our friend Caroline for helping out the entire time!

129 thoughts on “Olive Us: Episode 16: Betty in Paris”

  1. I had a dream last night that I took my daughters to Paris. Then today you post this. I’m not one to believe in signs but….

    This was so lovely! Thank you for sharing.

      1. I think it’s cute that she’s just a kid but responsible enough to eat alone and pay/tip as an adult. It’s a great shot!

  2. Hello I just found your video super charming! We recently made a few videos with our kids (we only have 5 ) and this one made me think of the first one we made. I’m Australian and my husband is Swiss and we live in the north of France! I guess in a way we see France a lot like you do! Here’s the link for our video on youtube if you have the time……….

    By the way I’d love to do participate in a ” living with kids” post with you some day!

  3. Love the video. A quick tour of Paris with your darling daughter made my day here in gray Cincinnati. I loved the last part with the double- decker merry-go-round and the Eiffel Tower in the background!

  4. Tricia Whitworth

    This reminded me so much of the movie Amelie! It has that magical, smiling quality. I adored it! When Betty had her croissant and hot chocolate (and left her tip so politely), it just melted my heart and made me hungry at the same time. :)

    I’m in the Winter Doldrums and looking for a meaningful job – this little video cheered me more than I can say. THANK YOU so very much. <3

  5. i love it! since moving to paris 6 months ago..we’ve have visited all of these places..and have had many rides on that same carousel. it never gets old..wish i knew when you were here to film..would have loved to have watched!! what a wonderful keepsake and great job betty!

  6. i love it when she eats the baguette. when i was about her age i started going to buy bread by myself every weekend and i always, always, ate it like that on the way home, without breaking it with my hands, while it was still warm :)
    even though baguettes, croissants and macaroons are so stereotypical, it’s what you’ll miss the most. make sure you eat lots of them!

  7. I was fortunate to spend 5 weeks in Paris in 2010 and this video reminded me of…me. I miss Paris every single day. Thank you so much for sharing this :)

  8. We recently took my three year old to Paris, and he loved every moment of it. He talks weekly of moving to Paris, and so do I. ;) LOVE the video!

  9. this gave me goosebumps…many of the sites on the video i have visited with my husband and boy do we dream to return with our 4 sons to the same spots someday…. your daughter – what a sweet & precious soul! thanks for the inspiration.

  10. Gabby, this is just too much loveliness together!! She is the most beautiful and subtle tourist guide ever. It’s like a piece of a movie, well done!! My girls couldn’t believe how independent she was and how wonderful Paris is.

  11. So pretty.

    My girls and I love to watch the OliveUs videos. We always cuddle up on the couch and watch the new one twice in a row. It’s a fun little tradition. I really want to learn how to make some videos myself. Obviously they won’t be as wonderful as yours, but I still think it would be fun!

  12. How absolutely precious. I could watch it over and over. Loved the part where she drops change at the cafe–it made me smile so big. The carousel at night was lovely, too. What a work of art.

  13. Tout à fait adorable! Loved every bit of it.
    My daughter was around Betty’s age the last time we went to Paris. She is now 17– I think we need to go back!

  14. Wow. That is such a work of art. I am blown away and DO love it as much as you Gabrielle. It really inspired me to want to be creative in outstanding ways.
    Thank you for such a treat!

  15. Love it. My kids love these little movies. “Who is that?” Oliver asked. “That’s Betty,” was all I had to say. (…Can we set them up when they’re older!?! ;)

    Anyway, super sweet. Makes me want to come and visit. (Not that it takes much!)

  16. Before this video, my favorite was the one of the kids at the bakery. I love everything about this! Her red pompom hat, the skipping, the cute little “teeth growing in” smile. Certainly did not help my French cravings that I have been having for a year now… :)

  17. This is so cliché I can’t like it as much as you guys (but that’s bcause I’m french, we don’t see Paris the same way) but it’s still super cute; I like the idea of a little girl exploring the city on our own, shopping and tipping with confidence!

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