Newsletter: Our Economy is Built on the Unpaid Labor of Women

In this newsletter: An update on the kids, a short essay about how companies should compensate the unpaid labor of their employees’ spouses; what doctors wish people knew about decision fatigue; information about anti-abortion “pregnancy crisis centers” and why they are so dangerous, and much more.

An excerpt from the newsletter:

Based on what the man describes about his work day, we can conclude his wife is doing about 70% of the work it takes to keep him productive and thriving.

So common sense says that his company should split his paycheck 30/70 and pay 70% directly to the wife. She should get 70% of the retirement benefits directly in her name, and 70% of any other perks or benefits. They should both be on the payroll.

His company is taking a huge risk — they have a CEO whose entire life is built on volunteer, unpaid labor. Can you imagine if this company relied on key internal departments that were run only by volunteers with no paid contracts? What investors would support that kind of risk?

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