In lieu of the usual live Nativity Pageant at my church Christmas party this year, our congregation tried something new. The kids put on the nativity one Sunday with no audience and with staging happening in rooms all over our church building. A few parents with good photography skills followed the kids around and took lots of stills. Then, the amazing Travis S. put the pics together into a video.

The video debuted during the Christmas party and it’s just about the sweetest thing you’ve ever seen. Costumes, props and general direction are by the incomparable Jennifer Darger. Narration is by Travis’s talented daughter Scout.

19 thoughts on “Nativity”

  1. I swear those are the very same sheep caps that I wore 20+ years ago. the westchester ward nativity holds a dear place in my heart! merry christmas.

  2. Jennifer Darger is a name that I haven’t heard for years. She and I were at Columbia Presbyterian on the very same day — both having boys — boys who are now twelve years old. She was the ultimate mother — and I had no idea what I was doing. The Stone’s introduced us. Please say hello.

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