Design Mom Feature in Popular Brazilian Parenting Magazine

Awhile back I mentioned meeting up with Paula, the Editor-in-Chief for Crescer, the big parenting magazine in Brazil, and how she asked me to write an article for their publication. Well, the issue with my article came out today. (Hooray!)

I can’t believe I have a byline. I can’t wait to get my hands on a hard copy. My kids are going to think they’re famous. Hah! Since I don’t read Portuguese, I’m going to need to look up the essay I sent over and remind myself what I wrote — I hope it was good.

P.S. — Don’t miss our family photo shoot in Central Park.

36 thoughts on “Design Mom Feature in Popular Brazilian Parenting Magazine”

  1. This is great! You got a whole page! What a beautiful family you have. I didn’t realize your little ones were so little. You are lovely!

  2. So awesome, Gab!! I want to see it in person, too. That picture is so beautiful of your family. Jeff is the best photographer around. You all look great!

  3. PLEASE get me a hard copy, too. I’ll pay! (I’ve learned you have to get it while you can. I didn’t get Budget Living featuring Jordan/Paul, and I missed my chance.)

  4. What a great family photo. My husband knows how I love reading your blog so I made him come and look at Design Mom’s family photo, and we both agree it’s beautiful, and such lovely outfits, tastefully coordinated.

  5. AWESOME Gabby!

    p.s. that is a perfecg shot- love the colors you picked for clothing, very fresh and crisp.

    post it in eng so we can all read it please please please!

  6. Gorgeous! What fun to see your whole family. I’m floored that the last time I saw you there was only tiny baby Ralph in the picture–you guys have been busy! Gabby, really, what an achievement–such a family.

  7. I have only recently stumbled across your blog and I really enjoy reading it. What a wonderful family photograph! I hope this is the start of more magazine articles…maybe the next one could be in English!

  8. congrats! how exciting. seeing the whole family together, I can’t believe you get anything done. what a super woman. i think i want to be you.

  9. What a beautiful picture…and I love that it doesn’t feel stiff and posed, but more careless, this is what we are. Awesome achievement! Congrats!

  10. You have the most beautiful family! You have to post the article in english so we can all read it! I need to have the whole experience.

  11. Congratulations! Send me the hardcopy or a higher resolution scan of the article, being from Brazil, I’ll be more than happy to translate the article. So far the only thing that’ s legible to me is the title and pullout halfway down: “After all, what kind of woman is this? Women today search — and find — solutions, which are balanced and work for them.”

  12. omg — you guys are so adorable. and i love all the frilly flowery stuff around your picture. how lovely and appropriate! congratulations on your byline!!!

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