More Homemade Christmas 2008

Olive has been working on gifts for her siblings over the weekend. She’s especially happy with the headbands she made for Maude and Betty. We think the creamy-colored one will coordinate perfectly with the tutu Ralph made. I’m super happy with them too. And already have plans to borrow them.

Materials: we bought a 3-pack of black headbands at Target for about $3. We bought fake flowers, for $3 to $4 per stem, and coordinating ribbon for $1 per roll from Michaels. Each headband will use between 1 and 2 yards of ribbon. Total materials for 3 headbands was less than $20. Just for comparison, a similar headband, like this darling one at CrewCuts is $16.50.

To make: wrap the head band in ribbon using a hot glue gun to attach. We had the best luck keeping the ribbon smooth by starting it at each end of the headband and meeting where the flower would be placed.
Once the headband is completely covered in ribbon, it’s time to add the flower.

Pull the flower off of it’s stem, and trim the remaining plastic so that the bottom of the flower is flat. In front of a mirror, put on the headband and move the flower around until you’re happy with placement. Mark where your want to place the flower with a pencil (the pencil mark will be covered by the flower). Attach the flower with hot glue. Done.

This is an incredibly fast project. And the headbands turned out beautifully.
The fake flowers we bought each came with a large bloom and a small bloom. We didn’t want the small blooms to go to waste, so as an afterthought, we glued them to small barrettes. Cute.

For Ralph, Olive made chocolate-chip-cookies-in-a-jar. For Oscar, Olive is going to do something cool with pencils — I’ll try to post pics soon. To see more gifts my kids made, you can go here.

28 thoughts on “More Homemade Christmas 2008”

  1. My daughter has the headband from Crewcuts and wears it in regular rotation. She loves it. This is a great DIY version. Very doable–even for a 6 year old. You have some good crafters in your clan.

  2. thanks for the great inspiration on handmade gifts this year, Gabrielle. My husband is especially happy about the thoughtful, budget friendly gifts being made! We’ve decoupaged a bucket with basketball scrapbook paper for my son, Berk. And my Charlotte Blair will be donning the cutest tutu ever on christmas morning. All we have left to do is put the finishing touches on the apron for Stella!

  3. I am so impressed with all these fun ideas you have for diy Christmas presents. Thank you for not only showing us what your kids made, but how they made them! Merry Christmas!

  4. Wow, those are gorgeous! I’m definetly going to steal this idea. I’ve loved all of your handmade gift ideas for kids and I’m hoping next year to be organized enough to get my kiddos involved in this. And what a great way to spend the day one on one with the kids.

  5. These headbands are beautiful! My girls are 2 and 4, so I doubt they would be able to do this, but with lots of little girl friends who love dress up, these would make great birthday presents year-round. Great idea!

  6. Wow these headbands are amazing! My friends and i have been looking for headbands with these over the top bows or flowers and this is exactly it! it’s so simple and affordable, unlike anthropology, selling headbands easily for forty dollars. Thank you for showing me such a easy way to create such a cute/one of a kind look!

  7. Amazing article, what you make is really amazing, we make some Baby Hair Clips but I really love how you’ve made your headbands and I love the way you wrap the ribbon around the headband, guess that gives it a really soft and comfortable feel? Shall defo be following you on social media xxx

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