Marqueyssac Gardens

Marqueyssac Gardens

Marqueyssac Gardens

These photos are of the Marqueyssac Gardens in the Dordogne region of France. Each year, they host a giant Egg Hunt on the day after Easter. The gardens are right near Stephanie’s house, so she invited us to join them for the hunt. I’m so excited! Doesn’t that first image look almost unreal?

Marqueyssac GardensMarqueyssac Gardens

We are driving down on Easter Sunday — it’s something like a 6 hour drive. This will be our first trip south and I can’t wait to see what it’s like.

images via Marqueyssac Gardens

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  1. Jealous, so jealous. Those photos are a fantasy come to life.

    We bought some white chicken eggs at the local farmer’s market on Saturday and dyed them with some English children yesterday. A totally American experience that created some initial confusion, but some awesome results. But I don’t think anything will top your Easter egg hunt.

  2. We were there last year during the spring vacance and the gardens are beautiful! If you can, climb all the way to the top to the lookout point (there is a trail for people with strollers). My girls also loved roaming around the Beynac castle nearby. Such a beautiful part of France!

  3. Wow! I cannot wait to see the photos from the egg hunt!

    And of course, I am ever-hopeful that there will be A Ralph Blair Production coming Easter 2011! :)

  4. ellen van manen

    we had a house for a longtime near marqueyssac, you should return in the summer and go at night when they lite the candles… supercool!! there’s a great view point over the river also, you can stay for hours anyway in that garden!

  5. Oh my gosh–to believe the first picture is real! It looks like Alice’s trip to Wonderland. Take lots of pictures to convince us that it’s not make-believe! :)

  6. I just returned from France, having stayed part of the time in Stephanie’s amazing house. We toured these very gardens one afternoon and they did not disappoint! My kids loved running in the maze of gorgeous landscaping, losing and finding each other over and over.

  7. I’ve been obsessing about those gardens for weeks. My brother is going on a business trip to Paris in 2 weeks and invited me along (staying at the fancy Marriott on the Champs Elysee on his company’s dime? yes please!) so I just bought a plane ticket. I’ve never been anywhere before and I’m SO excited! I was hoping those gardens were closer to Paris but there’s just not enough time to drive that far. maybe on my next trip to France?? Ha! It’s taken me 31 years to get my first passport stamp, it’s not likely I’ll see them in person anytime soon. Post pictures! :)

    Also, if you have any tips (and what is the weather like??), I’d love to hear.

  8. Outside of Paris, in Giverny, you can see gardens that inspired the great Claude Monet. His house is actually open to the public. (For a fee) you can walk the gardens that sparked the impressionist movement.
    In Liege, Belgium, there is a labyrinth garden that is fun to get lost in.
    Also in Keukenhof, Holland you can see the tulip farms.
    Oh and in Brussels, Belgium there is the carpet of flowers every other summer. But I think that 2011 is an off year. You’ll just have to return next summer to see it.
    Have a great time in the Marqueyssac Gardens!

  9. We visited the Marqueyssac Gardens a few years ago and they are simply amazing. Your kids will love running through the garden mazes. My advice to you while you are driving South and through that region, don’t blink. The drive through the countryside is breathtaking, with castles and small villages dotting the landscape. You’ll fall in love with Southern France, guaranteed.

  10. Oh, we were there last week and had the best time! Such wonderful gardens with so much to do for adults and kids alike, it will be an enchanting place for an egg hunt. Also the outdoor dining area there has fantastic salads and the view can’t be beat.

  11. We are going to have so much fun…at the egg hunt and all the other stuff we are going to do. Wear your fat pants…there is a lot of good food down there!


  12. that spot was one of the (many!) highlights of the dordogne for us. we were there on a misty, cloudy, gloomy day– but i can just imagine the festivity of a springtime easter hunt!

    lucky you! and safe travels.

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