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dordogne region welcome basket

dordogne region welcome basket

Best Spring Break Ever! We’re back from our 2-part roadtrip and we’re all smiles. I can’t wait to go through the photos and remember every detail.

We spent today unpacking, hanging out in the yard and admiring everything that bloomed while we were away. It was fun to arrive home and remember that our house here is as pretty as any place we’ve vacationed. : )

dordogne region welcome basketdordogne region welcome basketdordogne region welcome basket

When we went to the Dordogne region last week, Stephanie had this gorgeous welcome basket waiting at our hotel. It was full of regional goodies like wild strawberries, local honey and walnut oil. Wasn’t that the most thoughtful gift? Stephanie is a genius at details.

I’ve never made a welcome basket for guests before, but receiving this made us feel absolutely pampered, so maybe I’ll have to copy Stephanie’s lovely idea. Do you do anything special to welcome guests? I’d love to hear your ideas.

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  1. I grew those strawberries on my little porch here in Chicago for a few summers. They are my favorite plant in the world: they tolerate shade, are so cheerful and produce the most tiny, outrageously tasty fruit.

    Beautiful photos.

  2. Loveliest idea! I wish you’d just adopt me, or hire me as an au pair… Or maybe not, I come 2 for the price of 1.

  3. Welcome home! And yes, we almost always have a small basket of something waiting for friends and family when they visit – usually something to read about the area including a few maps, some chocolate covered dried cherries – a local favorite! – and some fresh flowers to cheer up the room a bit.

    But walnut oil? Ooh-la-la!

  4. I love the basket idea with lovely local foods. One day when we have a guest room I want to welcome them with a folded pile of fresh towels, and a trio of of my favorite scents from Bath and Body Works in a lotion and body wash. or something to that effect. Because I am the kind of guest that always forgets something like a toothbrush or body wash.

  5. We don’t usually have guests because most of our family is local. And those who aren’t are more likely to stay at one of our parents’ houses than ours. I’ve mostly tried to keep a stocked bathroom (extras like contact cases, tooth brushes, razors, etc.) and a stack of clean towels. I love this basket! Reminds me of a wedding I attended in which the bride had left a basket with snacks and goodies in my room. What a great surprise after a busy day of traveling in a city I didn’t know!

    1. I’m the same way, Anna. I love the basket itself. Stephanie, if you’re lurking–could you tell us where you bought such a gorgeous wire basket?

      In fact, I know an Anna Lewis… Your mother-in-law isn’t named Trish, is she?

  6. Paula Kokanovich

    Stephanie is the absolute QUEEN of gifting. So glad you were able to enjoy their place and the gardens at Easter time.

  7. WHERE is the basket from? Oh it’s super-gorgeous! Any online sources of similar ones?

    I’d love to fill it with goodies and give it to MYSELF – to welcome ME home from a long hard day at work!

  8. I am definitely inclined to do something like this but have always felt self conscience since some people hate to be fussed over. Lately I have been realizing I need to embrace my inclinations and the things I enjoy more, and care less if others find it annoying. Thanks for sharing, Stephanie is inspiring.

  9. I miss those amazing miniature strawberries!!! There was nothing like having a bowl of berries with cream at a sidewalk cafe in Paris after a long day of sight seeing.

  10. I always buy candy bars for my guests and put them in one of the seasonal pails from the dollar bin at Target. Your basket looks a lot prettier than mine though!

  11. We’re in Maine, a thousand miles away from our families in the South. I love it when they come to visit, because there are so many things that make Maine seem very exotic to them…okay, not as exotic as Europe, but still… :) I’ve never done a welcome basket, but I do put together take-home-a-taste-of-Maine baskets.

    My favorite way to welcome guests is with a mint on their pillows along with a note telling them how glad we are they’re here!

  12. I love the basket idea! When we have guests, love to leave a tin full of truffles on the desk in the guest room.

  13. We have a mini fridge in the closet in the guest room and we stock it with bottled water and a couple beers and an opener. I usually put out a couple local magazines and in the bathroom I have extra toothbrushes, travel size shampoo, conditioner, lotion and toothpaste in a basket. We haven’t had house guests in a while though! We only plug in the mini fridge a couple days ahead of arrival. I usually put some fresh flowers in the guest room too.

  14. lovely!
    we make sure to have the guest’s favourite beverage in the fridge {something they don’t drink often, but love nonetheless…}

  15. i love that basket of local goodies! just so delightful. those boat-shaped wooden bowls are gorgeous. the whole basket just photographs so well, too. what a darling friend you have in Stephanie. and indeed, your house there is so charming – perfect for staycations!!!

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