King Cake

Before the week flies by, I wanted to give you a little report about our past weekend. We were so happy to be invited by our neighbor, Madame Lucienne, for a King Cake gathering.

I’m not totally sure about all the traditions surrounding this cake (if you know, please do fill us in), but this is what I understand. Each January, as part of the Epiphany/Three Kings Day/New Years celebrations, friends and neighbors are invited for cake. Baked in the cake is a “bean”, but really the bean is a tiny toy or figure. The cake is sliced and served. Someone at the table discovers the bean, and that person is crowned. Tradition says the bean finder will also have good luck all year. (My kind of tradition!)

Maude was the lucky bean finder at Saturday’s gathering. She found the tiny ceramic King above. Betty was broken-hearted when the crown appeared and she realized it wasn’t for her, so Maude kindly shared. She’s a good sister.

If you visit any bakery in France right now, you’ll see King Cakes for sale with paper crowns on top. So fun!

P.S. — Less fun: my panic-ed moment at the party, when I was chatting with the hostess and realized I was about to throw up. And throw up I did. So embarrassing. I’m still cringing at the memory.

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  1. Thanks Design Mom for sharing:) It took me back to the kings night parties we had in our home when I was a child. I’m not sure where my Mom got the idea originally, we’re American and nobody I know celebrates on Jan 5th, but we loved having friends and family over AGAIN after Christmas, and keeping the Tree up longer. I must have been reminiscing as I fell asleep, because I dreamed that you invited anyone who wanted to, to come you your home in France for a 3 Kings party, and so of course we hopped on a plane (dreams are so realistic and practical that way). It was great fun! :)

  2. Hee, so many people asking if you’re preggers, so many times you saying it was just a bug. But I get the same thing if I report any malady!

    I think I’ll try this for next year as a way to soothe the Babby’s pain at seeing the decorations coming down. This year, we decorated the last of the Christmas cookies with decidedly non-Christmas colors as a treat.

  3. Bless your heart, I’m sorry you were sick. I live in Chicago (by way of New Orleans, so this King Cake entry hits close to home for me!) and when I first started my job, my new boss offered me a ride home.

    Long story short — I had a migraine and vomited. In her car. It was horrifying! For her, too, I’m sure.

  4. amanda klisanin

    we celebrate mardi gras here in south louisiana.
    every year we have a family dinner on twelfth nite + enjoy the first king cake of the season! it’s something we look forward to all year!
    I love reading about your time in France. thank you so much for sharing the journey with your readers!
    so sorry you were sick!

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