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By Gabrielle. Incredible meeting under the sea by Marco Queral.

What do you tell people that you do for a living? I guess I mean to ask, how do you describe yourself in one official job title upon meeting someone new? Whether you’re a mom or a banker or an anthropologist (one who either digs up artifacts in exotic locales or one who sells all the pretty things at  Anthropologie!), what do you mention first? The most meaningful-to-you duty, or the one you think might sound more impressive or audience appropriate in the moment?

I got lucky with my job title – Design Mom – because it’s a fairly basic descriptor for what I do; I’m a designer and a mom. But depending on the situation, I sometimes only mention Olive Us. Or Alt Summit. Or Ben Blair. And I’m not really sure why! I wonder if we all sometimes get the urge to define ourselves in one simple term? If so, what’s yours?

P.S. – This article is cute. I would love to be a Pintern at Pinterest, wouldn’t you?

68 thoughts on “Job Titles”

  1. Museum exhibit designer = pays the bills
    Being called “Mommy” = fills my heart
    Blogging = fuels my creativity and need to share

    Of all of these “jobs” – Being called Mommy is the best and most rewarding (as well as underpaid!)

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