Olive Us: Fruit & Veggie Kabobs

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By Gabrielle.

Oh you guys. I have mixed feelings about sharing another Olive Us episode because it’s so awful that it can’t be viewed outside of the U.S.A. yet. But. The good news is, we received an update from ulive that the problem will be solved — and that we’ll have a worldwide-friendly video player — very soon. I will be sure to post links to all the latest videos as soon as the new player is available! In the meantime, for those of you who can’t view it yet, please accept my apologies.

And for those of you who can view it, I hope you’ll enjoy it! We had so much fun filming this episode. What a delight it was to arrange and sort all that gorgeous produce. And the kabobs turned out so charming! Take a peek.

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12 thoughts on “Olive Us: Fruit & Veggie Kabobs”

  1. Oh!, those perfectly blushing cheeks and sparkling lips and top knot and pony…!!

    Your style squad is spot. on!

    Favorite 1. June’s pepper bracelets.
    Favorite 2. Maude’s dazzling blue eyes.
    Favorite 3. Olive’s picture perfect face. what a beauty.

    such lovely ladies.
    yay Olive Us!
    ~ d.

    1. Isn’t that frustrating? It wasn’t part of the plan. We didn’t realize the video player ulive uses doesn’t work outside of the U.S. until the site launched. But the happy news is, they’re working on getting a multi-national video player for Olive Us and they’ve almost got it sorted out.

      I’ll be sure to announce when it’s all set!

  2. I saw probably the first episode and thought “cute” but didn’t pay much attention to the Olive Us videos. I was here for the blog posts ;0)

    However, I recently showed a couple to my little boys and they love all the episodes now (oh, except the ghost one, my littler guy did not like that one). Obviously, now I enjoy them too.

    My favourite moment is still the little interaction between Olive and Oscar during the Lemonade Stand and then her imagining running around like a cowgirl. Ha ha.

  3. I had been looking forward to seeing this one since the sneak peeks on Instagram! Must have been really fun to make, as I’m sure they all are. The girls are all beautiful (love that dress on Olive!) and I love the delicious ending : )

    1. It’s true. Something about the colorful produce and the party dresses made this an especially fun one to film!

      A behind-the-scenes tid bit: We filmed in the studio at La Cressionnière and it was quite chilly in there that day, so under those party dresses, they girls wore thick leggings. And between takes they would sit by the radiator with blankets over their shoulders!

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