Is This What Hope Feels Like?


It’s very late here in France. I heard the VP news first from my son Ralph — he texted the family chat with one word: Kamala

My heart about stopped. Then my phone rang. it was my dear friend Laura Mayes calling from Texas. When I answered the phone we both shouted KAMALA. She said: Is this what hope feels like?

ALL the heart eyes.

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P.S. — Kamala Harris is from Oakland, and she launched her presidential campaign from Oakland. My family was there and I’m so glad.

45 thoughts on “Is This What Hope Feels Like?”

      1. Same here! Except that she’s my representative and she’s doing such great work for our district! :) Very excited about Senator Harris— a terrific pick.

        1. I was just telling my husband how lucky your district is to have her. She truly serves her constituents. I followed her race against Mimi Walters closely. A nail biter! My district kicked out Rohrbacher and that was a huge joy.

  1. So excited! She’s more than earned her spot and I’m excited to vote for her (and Joe). I hope this sets her up in the future. Please let this be the stepping stone it should be.

  2. This news was just what I needed to combat Trump fatigue. I’m feeling energized and ready to phone-bank for Biden/Harris 2020!

  3. Bethann Frillman

    We have 4 voters in our house from 19-60. We all supported different candidates during the primary from Bernie + Elizabeth to Biden from the start. But, for VP with Biden, we all wanted Kamala. How many family texts did Kampala light up today! I was working the election in GA today – I needed a little Hope…

  4. To be honest, I wasn’t really rooting for any particular woman for VP because I’ll be voting for Biden no matter what. Kamala will be great. I’m happy the decision has been made and can’t wait to get this done!

  5. This is what hope feels like. It’s just been a minute since we felt it, I guess. Listen, Biden had my vote regardless, but this feels SO GOOD.

  6. Yes, this is what hope feels like…I needed this good news so much! I just read some great links on ‘Cup of Joe’ blog about Kamala.

  7. It sure is gonna be fun to watch Kamala school Pence during the VP debate! My calendar is already marked for 10/7/2020.

  8. For some reason, I had dismissed her as a frontrunner (maybe because she was from CA and Biden didn’t need that state?) but when I heard the announcement, it seemed exactly perfect. She is the perfect woman at the perfect time for the job.

  9. Catherine Cherin

    I am thrilled and she is from Berkeley. She attended my children’s elementary school, Thousand Oaks Elementary School. It is so wonderful to see a woman in the ticket finally. I wish my grandmother who supported Hillary had lived to see it.

  10. This November will be the first time I have the privilege of voting in a presidential election. I became a US citizen in 2018. I can’t wait to vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris!!!!

    1. Yay! Congrats. I became a citizen in 2007 and was excited to vote in 2008.

      I think Design Mom readers would enjoy the daily newsletter from Heather Richardson Cox, a Professor of Political History- I always glean some great insight from her. Google her name to read (it’s on a substack blog).

      I didn’t care either way who the VP would be, but I’m very excited for Kamala now that the announcement has been made!

  11. I drove several hours to see Kamala Harris at a house party in a small NH town last July. She was so impressive! I wanted her for president, but am terrifically excited she is on the ticket. I set up a weekly campaign contribution from now until the election. My custom is to give to charities, not political campaigns. But I think this election is key to a just future in America.

  12. I already knew I was voting for Biden, but now I’m feeling more hopeful and excited than I anticipated. Let’s do this!

  13. I wept unexpectedly when I heard the news. I didn’t realize how much I needed a reminder that sometimes merit is recognized. She is skilled and experienced and I’m honored to cast my vote for her.

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