Grown-up Lemonade Stand

Grown-up Lemonade Stand

Grown-up Lemonade Stand Grown-up Lemonade Stand Grown-up Lemonade Stand Grown-up Lemonade Stand

By KoseliPhotos by Wai Ming Ng.

As I slip into a summer state of mind and replace my boots with sandals and light sweaters with t-shirts, I always notice a shift in my appetite. Instead of cooked dishes with heavier ingredients, I crave lighter, fresh food that’s cool and refreshing. And what represents summer more than lemonade? Ola Mirecka created a playful take on childhood dreams by creating this grown-up lemonade stand complete with handmade cups, simple signs, and beautifully designed lawn furniture.

What is the last time you paid a quarter and bought a cold glass of roadside lemonade? I think I have a new goal for the summer.

16 thoughts on “Grown-up Lemonade Stand”

  1. The last time we bought lemonade was last summer. We were running some errands by foot (farmers markets, etc.), and passed a little table where a boy and his sister were selling lemonade. Their dad was seated some feet away on the front step, pretending to be busy reading. We waited as the boy carefully counted us precise change, and looked up at the dad and smiled. Then after we sipped the sort of warm lemonade we raved about how delicious it was and how we intended to tell others we knew about it. The sister crowed: “Ooh! Advertising!”

    I once passed a pair of girls hosting an “iced coffee” stand. Now THAT’s a heck of an idea! :)

    1. Super cute. I love the entrepreneurial spirit in kids.

      A brother and sister were selling homemade raspberry and mint lemonade on our block last weekend on a 96 degree day—pure genius. Their dad was sitting behind them, helping them replenish their supply and just grinning. He knew it too. :)

  2. Last Saturday after running some errands came home and saw my little neighbors across the street selling little cups of lemonade for 10 cents. So cute and delicious :)

    1. Ditto! Mine’s not even two but I’m just scheming of how cute it could be to round up some friend’s kids and have a stand for a couple hours. Super fun and they’d feel so proud.

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  4. No lemonade stands recently, but I did make a purchase at a little kid’s “joke stand” a few weeks ago. Appropriate jokes were 25 cents, inappropriate jokes were 75 cents, two jokes and a cookie for a dollar. I only had a quarter on me, so I didn’t get to find out what is “inappropriate” to a 9 year old :)

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