Eiffel Tower Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt at Eiffel Tower01

Images and Text by Gabrielle.

Have you ever had an Easter Egg hunt in an out of the ordinary place? Last year, right before my sister Jordan moved back to San Francisco from Paris, we had an egg hunt at the Eiffel Tower. I shared this instagram at the time (which, by the way, might be my favorite instagram I’ve ever taken), but I haven’t shown you other pictures, so I thought it would be fun to share them today while I’ve got Easter plans on my mind.

Easter Egg Hunt at Eiffel Tower02Easter Egg Hunt at Eiffel Tower03

To be clear, this wasn’t an official event hosted by the City of Paris. We just found a grassy spot off to the side on the Champs du Mars (the big park next to the Eiffel Tower), scattered the eggs all over the lawn, and let our kids search them out. (If you’re in Paris over Easter with your kids, you could totally do the same thing!) But no matter how simple the activity is, doing it with the Eiffel Tower in the background makes it feel pretty darn spectacular.

Easter Egg Hunt at Eiffel Tower05Easter Egg Hunt at Eiffel Tower07

The year before that, for our first Easter in France, we held our own Easter Egg hunt for friends and neighbors in our beautiful garden at La Cressonnière. You can read about it here, here, and here. We had only lived in France for about 2 months at the time, and when we look back, we can’t believe we hosted a party when we could barely speak French. Hah!

Easter Egg Hunt at Eiffel Tower10Easter Egg Hunt at Eiffel Tower08Easter Egg Hunt at Eiffel Tower06Easter Egg Hunt at Eiffel Tower09

That same year (2011), we also drove to the Dordogne region, and joined the Brubaker family for an Easter egg hunt at the famed Marqueyssac Gardens. In the middle of the hunt there was a spectacular rain storm and we were all completely soaked!

Easter Egg Hunt at Eiffel Tower04

This year, I have no idea what we’ll be doing for Easter. Maybe a little egg hunt here at home.

Will you be having an egg hunt this year? Have you ever gone somewhere special for one? I’ve always thought it would be fun to go to the egg hunt on the White House lawn.

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    1. From what I’ve seen, they’re not as common as in the U.S., but they’re not unheard of. We’ve been to one in the Dordogne region of France and I’ve seen others advertised.

      The main difference we’ve noticed is that dyeing eggs here is not done. And they don’t offer the little plastic eggs to fill either. Instead, the eggs are chocolate and covered in foil.

    2. I lived in France with a host family and my host mother had an Easter egg hunt for our family in their yard. In addition to foil covered chocolate eggs (Kinder was the family favorite), she also hid Lindt chocolate rabbits! But it’s not the Easter Bunny that brings the chocolate on Easter – it’s the Cloches de Rome – Roman Bells!

  1. I agree 100%… absolutely anything done with the Eiffel Tower in the background is spectacular! We will be doing an Easter egg hunt… in our living room. :) We’ve never gone anywhere special for one but our kids are still very young. I would love for us to have one in Paris some year.

  2. You could have a flashlight egg hunt this year! Arm the kids with flashlights and wait til the sun goes down to see who finds the most. They know the backyard, but do they know it well enough for a flashlight hunt? :) Happy Easter!

  3. We are having an easter party at our house on Monday, and we’ll be making easter baskets. I had 8 siblings growing up, and my mom got so tired of replacing cheap baskets each year that she came up with a great solution that is now one of my favorite easter traditions. We would make our baskets out of rice krispie treats and then dye coconut green to use as the grass. It was such an important part of my easter tradition that when I was away from family, my boyfriend (now husband) made me a beautiful basket with handles that he painted with chocolate. Now we have a party each year and invite my children’s friends to come and make their own miniature ones. We use muffin tins and they end up looking more like little nests, but I love doing it!

  4. We’re going to the White House Easter Egg Roll!! I entered the lottery for tickets on a whim and we got them! I’ll let you know how it is :-)

  5. Speaking of eggs…Do they have “Kinder Surprise Eggs” in France? My two year old son is obsessed with the little You Tube videos that basically show people opening the chocolate Kinder eggs and revealing the surprise inside. It’s usually a little figure from Toy Story or an Angry Bird. I tried to find some for his Easter basket, but it turns out they are banned here in the US. They are considered a choking hazard. Yikes!

    1. They most certainly do! (I used to live in France, but they have them here in the UK too. Kinder is a German company.) The toys get changed up really often and at Christmas you can get giant ones which are maybe four or five times the size! They’re super tasty. I recommend a trip to Europe to buy some :) (also the choking hazard thing is too funny! Most of the toys strike me as pretty big actually, you’d have to really try to swallow one!)

    2. I live in Canada where we have lots of Kinder treats including Kinder Eggs. I was just in Atlanta last week and they had Kinder Eggs at the airport.

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  7. What a fun setting for an Easter egg hunt. We have always just done ours in our living room (March and even April in Canada can often be dismal weather so we usually do egg hunts inside). The one variation we used to do that the kids loved as much as the adults, was that we gave the kids a bag of chocolates to hide for the adults. They loved seeing us hunt all over for the eggs they had hidden and give us clues as to where to find the hard ones. Great fun. Now that our kiddos are young adults we don’t do egg hunts any more. sniff sniff

    1. Another genius idea! My kids would LOVE something like that. Seeing Ben Blair and I hunting down something they’d hidden. I can imagine Betty and Oscar giggling the whole time.

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  9. We’ve not done any egg hunts with my son. He’s 2 yrs old!! It’s not really done here in Scotland {but I’m American. What’s wrong with me?!}

    You’ve given me an idea. One of our favorite picnic spots is Bothwell Castle. It’s about a 15 min drive from our flat. It might be freezing cold, but I think it would be fun to hide some eggs on the lawn and in the castle crevices. I can just see my son’s face now! Chocolate!!!!

    1. Oh! Bothwell Castle sound like an amazing background for a little egg hunt. I say bundle them up and go for it! It doesn’t have to be long to be memorable.

  10. I love these photos! We’ve enjoyed outdoor egg hunts the last few years, but this year we’re still buried under a foot of snow! You can put a sweater on over a spring dress, but there’s not much you can do about the shoes. Maybe I’ll glue-gun some fake flowers on the snow boots. :)

    1. I know what you mean. We’ve rarely if ever been able to take Easter hunt photos while the kids are wearing spring dresses or short sleeves. It just not warm enough yet.

      Maybe we should spend an Easter in Texas or Arizona one year…

  11. Last year we were in the Black Forest region of Germany for Easter. The day before two teenage boys were in bunny costumes handing out eggs (the hard-boiled and dyed variety) all around the town during the market.

    The next day we went to an Osterfeuer held at a vineyard which featured a beer garden, a DJ, and an egg hunt (again with hard-boiled eggs) in the woods followed literally by an Easter fire. (I think there were 30 members of the local fire brigade hovering near by the enormous bonfire).

    One of my favorite Easter memories for sure.

  12. I’m German and live in England and I really miss all the Easter and Christmas traditions that I grew up with. So, I’m making a special effort with my 2 boys to keep them alive… not sure they appreciate them yet as they are only 10m and 2years!


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