Easter Egg Dye Baths

Easter Egg Dye Baths - The BEST dye instructions for Easter Eggs. Really bright colors! And all you need is vinegar, food coloring and water.

My favorite part of Easter might be dyeing eggs. This year, we did 3 dozen eggs total — the kids dyed 2 dozen, and I reserved a dozen just for me. Because that’s how Design Mom rolls. (I like making things!)

For colors, I mixed Easter Egg dye baths in glass containers using NotMartha’s dye recipe. Usually, we use plastic or metal bowls and I realized the glass jars are so much prettier. I was in love with how they looked. Gorgeous, right?

These Easter Egg dye baths produce the most intense colors. You can see how the eggs turned out here.

P.S. — Natural Easter egg dye tutorial, made with common foods.

Easter Egg Dye Baths. The BEST dye instructions for Easter Eggs. Really bright colors! And all you need is vinegar, food coloring and water.


15 thoughts on “Easter Egg Dye Baths”

  1. Lovely! Where did you get those canning jars? I’ve been looking for that specific shape but haven’t been able to find them.

  2. My daughter and I had fun dying the eggs too. I didn’t realize until it was too late the we only had brown eggs and I wasn’t sure how they would turn out… they turned out beautifully! I was really surprised!

  3. Tonya, the glass jars actually belong to our favorite jam brand — Bonne Maman. They’re available at most grocery stores. They have the red and white check lids and a simple white label. We especially like the raspberry.

    Jenny, I’m so glad you mentioned dyeing brown eggs. I’ve always wondered how they would turn out. I’ll have to try some next year.

  4. Gabrielle, I wanted to send you a quick “thank-you” for posting about the custom toy portraits. I quickly commissioned Jennifer to paint a portrait of my daughter, Lilly, and her recently lost “Froggy O’Froggy”. Her best friend in the whole world. I’m so excited to see the finished product! Thank you for connecting us!!!

  5. I like to dye eggs as well. Last week I had knee replacement surgery so my daughter and grand daughter took over and helped out with that special part of our Easter fun. Check out my blog: happymrsc.blogspot.com and my daughter’s blog: uncooked-art.blogspot.com. She and Miss V did a program at our wonderful organic grocery store, Greenlife, and dyed all their eggs using natural products.

  6. Brown eggs! What a great idea. I got the cheapest dye and the eggs didnt take well to them. Serves me right…I wanted to do something fun and fancy and got lazy. Next time it’ll be more artsy.

    Happy Monday everyone!

  7. Great pics!

    The most lovely thing was taking a nature walk with just my middle son. I asked him to tell me things that make him happy and he looked right up at me and said, “YOU!”

    The best :)

  8. always fun to read a kindred spirit from another working mom…as usual our weekend was to short making up for the busy time this weekend we did nothing but fun stuff all day….on the list was paintings for the kids rooms!

  9. Just out of curiosity … did you dye hard boiled eggs or did you blow them out?. This year, I blew my eggs out first and then dyed them — they floated! I had a devil of a time trying to dye them.

  10. I know a Bonne Maman jar when I see one! ;) Love those jars. You’d think we ate nothing but preserves based on how many ways we use the empty ones…craft room supplies, makeup, water glasses…even make-your- own snow globes (keep the tops!).

    Loving your new blog look…Linsey

  11. Maybe I am a poor reader, but I don’t see what you used to dye the eggs. I have never been able to get my eggs to turn those deep colors. I was hoping to read about how you did it. What did you use? How long did you soak in the dye? Did I miss that part?

    1. Amy, if you click on the link within the text “NotMartha’s Dye Recipe”, it takes you to NotMartha’s website. That’s where the recipe is located. I’m going to try it too because my eggs have never turned out that vibrant. I hope it works because they’re so pretty!

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