lollipop valentine photo easy

lollipop valentine photo easy

It’s 9:00pm. We have officially finished up our valentines-for-classmates preparations. Things I’m thinking: 1) I have a lot of children. 2) Those children have a lot of classmates. It turns out Colorado has bigger class sizes than New York. It took me until Valentines Day to notice.

lollipop valentine photo easy

We used a clever idea I found on Kirtsy — via 24-7-365. I think they turned out great. We couldn’t get Betty to stop looking at her fist. And Oscar refused to wear anything red. But we rolled with it.

To those who are up late making stuff: I salute you with my exacto knife.

lollipop valentine photo easy

178 thoughts on “Done.”

  1. I CANNOT wait to do this next year ADORABLE!!! BUT I willnot procrastinate! (And it will annoy me that the kiddos will tear them apart before they are appreciatted.)
    Sonja Love

  2. That is the cutest thing ever, heck,I couldn't stop looking at Betty's fist…I almost sent you a message asking how you photo shopped that effect. You are a good mom. Me? We always did princess and ninja turtle cards…I miss those days.

  3. Just did the same idea for my son. Trouble is, I found out today, that they can't have any sweets, so I had to make a trip to the dollar store for fake roses and pencils for him to hold instead of suckers. Grrr! Agreed about class sizes (AZ is high!), but these were much quicker than the i-pod valentines I just finished with my daughter.

  4. These are so cute and I so wanted to do them, but just knowing they would wind up in the trash was eating away at me. I don't want my kiddos pic in the trash! But they are truley adorable!!!! We did melted heart crayons, so I don't care where they end up! :)

  5. SO CUTE! I love that Betty isn't looking directly at the camera. She is just darling.

    We ordered some printable Valentine's day cards from Etsy and I've yet to receive the pdf file in my email. We've got about 1 hr 45 minutes till it is time to leave for school, so I hope it comes soon. Otherwise we'll have fruit roll ups and no cards. I should have ordered them extra early just in case. Lesson learned.

  6. I remember seeing this idea on kirtsy last year and thinking it was a hoot. You are one heck of a mamma. Your kids are lucky to have such a thoughtful/creative woman in their lives!

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