DIY: Easy Boxwood Garland

By Amy Christie.

I adore fresh greenery during the holidays, but wiring garland sometimes feels like a giant task. Then, a light bulb went off when I saw this lovely pin and I used the idea to make a super simple garland. It has lots of festive punch but requires very little work.

Ready for super simplicity?


-boxwood bunch — I used two boxwood branches
-ribbon — one narrow, one wide, a sturdy grosgrain works well
-gardening sheers

Cut small bunches from the boxwood bunch.

Wrap each bunch with a length of the narrow ribbon.

Tie each bunch on to the wider ribbon using equal spacing. I ended up shortening the space between to 8″ instead of 12″. More the merrier, right? Also, I made it so the boxwood bunch tie was on the front while the garland string ribbon tie was on the backside.

String it across a doorway, in a window, over the mantel or outside in a winter wonderland! Then sit back and enjoy it.

This was a super easy and really satisfying project. If you’re hosting a party this weekend, you have plenty of time to whip of one (or more!) of these. If you make one, I hope you’ll let me know!

15 thoughts on “DIY: Easy Boxwood Garland”

  1. Love this idea! Don’t have boxwoods, but have some beautiful holly trees that I hope will make a good substitute… Can’t wait to try it out!

  2. I like this! Even if it looks a bit weddingy to me, as a bunch of boxwood (or myrtle) is what you get to pin to your top when attending a wedding in my country.

  3. I love boxwood, and I love this garland, but just FYI, be careful bringing boxwood inside. The leaves emit a strong musk odor, kind of like cat urine. I bought some little “trees” for Christmas and had to banish them to the front step because my house smelled so bad when they were on the table.

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  9. this is so easy I just made 2 wreaths (lots of work and greens) and still wanted a garland for an outside little shed this will be perfect ! Thanks

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