Dyed Easter Eggs With Decoupaged Cutouts

decoupaged easter eggs

Yesterday, the older 3 kids and I dyed, then découpaged our Easter eggs. For the dye, we used food coloring drops, boiling water and vinegar, mixed. We also gave the boiled eggs a rubdown with vinegar before putting them in the dyebath, and they seemed to take the color more intensely.

For the découpage, we used my daughter Maude’s origami paper and two sizes of shaped hole punches. The origami paper was just the right weight. We punched out shapes in the spectrum of colors, then put a bowl of Mod Podge in the middle of the table. Each child had their own sponge brush and they just went to town.

decoupaged easter eggs

We went through 4 dozen eggs and were still going strong, but the babies woke up from their naps which meant the whole production had to be put away. I wish I had reserved a dozen eggs to work on tonight just by myself. It was very therapeutic. And pretty much every color combination and pattern had some merit about it, so the work was very satisfying as well.

37 thoughts on “Dyed Easter Eggs With Decoupaged Cutouts”

  1. I love projects like that! Because they are disposable, I don’t feel any anxiety of perfection and just enjoy the process! So satisfying!!

    Your eggs look great!!

  2. Liz, the kids will hunt for them and then we’ll eat them.

    We’re already down by almost a dozen, because the kids have eaten the ones that accidentally broke while we were découpaging.

    A family of 7 can go through a dozen eggs in a matter of minutes.

  3. Those are amazing!! I’ve never once decorated an egg, maybe once in school but that was (if memory serves) with tempura paints, so it wasn’t really worth it.

    It’d be a great how-to, I’d love to tackle that once Damien gets a little older!

  4. I love those eggs, they look great..

    Just my two kids will eat a dozen hard boiled eggs a day, it is their favorite snack. We are boiling 5 dozen…thank you Costco

  5. Love those decoupaged eggs. I used to decoupage boxes before having kids and it was very therapeutic when I think back maybe I will do a project with my daughter over this weekend. Thanks design mom for being such an inspiration.

  6. gosh. those are just beautiful. we’re going on an easter egg hunt today where they’re bringing in baby lambs for the kids to pet. wish i had eggs that pretty to put in our baskets.

    happy easter to you and your sweet family.

  7. Ooohh…brilliant! I can’t wait till next year to copy you. Love your blog and visit often. I’ve linked you on mine (hope you don’t mind ;))

  8. Hippy hop, hippity hop.
    Will the Easter Bunny stop?
    Will he leave a treat behind,
    An Easter basket for me to find?

    I’ll look over here,
    I’ll look over there,
    I’ll look behind things,
    I’ll look everywhere
    I’ll look until I find my treat,
    And then I’ll sit right down and eat.

    Happy Easter!

  9. I too love your eggs. For whatever reason I can’t view the things that I am sure are lovely from the Nordicetc site…is it that I use a Mac? Glad to find your site.

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  15. So there are no problems with eating the decoupaged eggs? They are beautiful and look fun to do but I am concerned it could/would seep thru the porous egg shells or hairline cracks.

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