Come. All Hands Are Needed.

By Gabrielle.

Ben Blair sent me this video today and it had me in tears. It’s a perfect example of the topic that’s been on my mind: the impact of one. The video is part of the I’m a Mormon series, and frankly, I think it’s the very best one. Have you ever seen these videos? I haven’t seen all of them (there’s a lot!), but when I receive a link to an especially good one, I’m always glad to watch.

The one Ben Blair sent today features a French woman named Cécile Pelous. She’s an incredibly successful fashion designer by trade. But felt there was more to life than her work. You’ve got to watch this. Fair warning: it will make you want to sell everything you own.

“Come. All hands are needed.” I think it’s my new favorite quote. I want to put it on the wall of our family room.

P.S. Did you know I’m a Mormon? Fun fact: Our family was asked to make an I’m a Mormon video twice, but both times we had schedule conflicts. Do you think it’s a sign? : ) After seeing Cécile’s, I’m quite sure we’re not interesting enough!

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  1. That was the best one I’ve seen. When I was 5 years old I sent a letter to Mother Teresa as well. I also received a letter back. This is what she wrote to me:

    Dear Lana,

    God our Father loves you very tenderly. I thank you for your letter and your drawings. Count your blessings one by one and thank God for all the love and care you have received through your mother and your friends. Do not let anyone feel lonely, unwanted, unloved. Be God’s love to them through your smile, through your kindness. I am praying for you.

    God Bless you.

    Mother Teresa

    Thank you for reposting this video. I feel geared up to take care of the 12 toddlers at work today.

      1. That is amazing. Mother Teresa is one of my favourite Saints, and I have a quote from her at the bottom of my email, “If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.” to remind myself that in the end it is the small acts of kindness and caring that will make the difference in the world.

  2. All of us need something like that to inspire us to get our act together–even maybe only on a smaller scale? You have such a unique opportunity, Gabby. Maybe you don’t realize how big your influence is and how interesting you are. Your readership is enormous! Your opinions matter. You’ve made so much time for Olive Us. Make time for the church. The Lord will bless you for it. Just my two bits.

    1. My wife sent this post to me and I enjoyed the video – very well done and very inspirational. I started to read the comments, hoping to find more inspiration, but then I read this comment and stopped because I was reminded why I usually don’t read comments. Keep up the good work Design Mom.

    2. Hi Cari! Just to be clear, with these videos, I don’t get to pick the dates or the crew which means I really have no control over timing. Hah! If it was a matter of “making time” I’m sure we would have made the video. : )

      But it really was scheduling conflicts. The first time, the video crew called and wanted to come to our home during the same dates as Alt Summit, but I was, of course, previously committed as the founder of the conference. The second time, the video crew wanted to come to our home during the same dates as the Ethiopia trip. Again, I was previously committed to an out-of-town trip. Perhaps in the future they’ll be able to schedule a time further in advance. I’m sure it’s hard for the organizers to juggle everyone’s busy schedules.

  3. This was amazing. I’m not a religious person per se, but I believe in small things making a difference, treating people decently and respect. I believe in the power of love . I think Cecile is one of a kind. Bravo!

    1. I am not a religious person at all but I still believe in the power of the little things. Sometimes they stay little and other times they grow and grow! This video was beautiful!

  4. Wow! and the letter from Mother Teresa to Lana made my eyes watery! I will start today by being kinder, smile more and making the people around me feel loved (I know it sounds really small compared to Cecile, but it is a start). And Gabby, be sure that your hands do help a lot already! At least to me, you inspire me through your example and words to be a better spouse, mom, sister, daughter…

  5. This brought me to tears, it is incredible what one person can do. I often tell my family “do something, instead of nothing”. Thank you so much for sharing!

  6. Thanks for posting this. What an incredible story, she is an amazing woman and a great example to all. I’m crying as I’m typing this…. I think I’m a little more emotional than usual being 31 weeks pregnant. thanks again.

  7. I just saw this video yesterday (on a maternity fashion blog, of all places!) and I fell in love. What a beautiful story. What beautiful people in this world. There is so much focus on the negative in this world, but most people really are trying to do right–in big or small ways. This made me want to try to do something a little bigger today.

    By the way, a more in-depth look at the work Cecile has done in India can be found in this great article (amazing):

  8. Ah, I loved this. My husband served in Toulouse and I always love to hear others talk about the church in French. This woman is truly remarkable.

    I’d love to see you do one of these! Whenever I read your blog, I want to have more babies (since I have just three)–you are a great example to us all!

  9. Definitely made me get teary-eyed. What an inspiring story. I’m sending a link to my dad who served his mission in France and just loves anyone French. Love the quote too–makes me want to go out and do something!

  10. For the past six months I have been working on becoming the mother that my children need. I have been discouraged the last week or so, wondering if all the extra work I’ve been putting into parenting is worth it. Thanks for the inspiration to keep going! I like that — “I’m just an ordinary woman trying to do something extraordinary.” I wish I could go to India and make a difference like she did but since it is not my season right now, I’ll have to re-evaluate ways I can “sell all I have” metaphorically in order to make the happiest life for those around me.

    And I DEFINITELY think you and your family are interesting enough! You have a beautiful, inspiring family. I’m proud to be a Mormon, too.

  11. Really beautiful and touching, we need to hear this kind of experiences more often to get us up on out feet!! No need to be a religious person (it sure helps to have that kind of commitment), just a good will one to make a better world. Thanks for the inspiration, Gaby!

    1. Wouldn’t that be lovely? I actually have no control over the timing. I just check my calendar when the video crew calls and cross my fingers I won’t be out of town on the dates they suggest. : )

  12. I love that a Catholic was her inspiration! Great to see Christians of all faiths come together for the same goal. :-)

    1. I too am Mormon and find inspiration from people of all faiths. I have a “hero” wall in my house and Mother Theresa is on it! So is Corrie ten Boom. :)

  13. I love this one too – one of my favorites! That said, I’d LOVE to see a Blair family video. When they first started coming out, I thought, “I wonder if they’ll ask Design Mom to do one.” ;)

  14. Wow, this is a wonderful story and a perfect example of an answer to the question “what would jesus do?” I also wanted to say that it is my sincere prayer that the Mormon church will think about what Jesus would do with the money they have if he were here and were in charge of it. Please also, respect free speech and let people voice honest opinions, thank you.

  15. I would love, love, love to see your family do an I’m a Mormon video. You have been so inspirational to me as a mother (can I make a plea here for more posts about things you’ve learned in the process of raising your 6?), and I would love to see you share more about how your faith has impacted that process.

  16. I have the privilege of knowing Cecile personally and she is a wonderful person! Gabrielle, I’m so glad you posted this video here, so that your readers could ‘meet’ her too!! Thanks for your inspiring blog. And I look forward to your Mormon video…your darling family and *interesting* life would be just perfect!! xo

  17. I couldn’t agree with you more. This is truly the most inspirational “I am a Mormon” video yet. So glad you highlighted it. It filled me with so much warmth and love for all of the good people out there (and in France no less!).

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