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Hello, Friends. How are you? How was your weekend? We spent Friday at Olive’s new apartment in Paris, getting her all set up. (Looks cute and cozy now.) And then I spent half of Saturday and Sunday reading Midnight Sun (the Twilight story told from Edward’s point of view), and taking a little social media break. I kept thinking I would write a link list post, and never found the energy — but I had the energy this morning, so…

Anyone in the mood for a Monday edition of my Friday Link List? : )

Here are a few things I’ve wanted to share:

-Advice from a host of experts about the best ways to talk to friends and family about conspiracy theories.

-This makes me so incredibly angry. Facebook Manipulated the News You See to Appease Republicans.

-Some people you know in real life aren’t voting. Here are 4 science-backed ways to inspire your friends to vote.

-“Originalism is an intellectual cloak drummed up (somewhat recently) to dignify a profoundly retrogressive view of the Constitution as a straitjacket on the ability of the federal government to act on behalf of the public.”

-I am an Uighur who faced China’s concentration camps. This is my story.

-Death and surrender to power in the clothing of men.

-When Biden talks of transitioning away from oil, towns like Greensburg, Kansas is what he means. Flattened by a tornado, it built back green.

-The Trump campaign knew it needed to keep Black voters away from the polls to win Florida in 2016. So it came up with a digital strategy called “deterrence”: Pouring disinformation into Black communities. Data shows there’s evidence it worked.

-The Supreme Court Is Helping Republicans Rig Elections. “Roberts knew which knife he wanted to use to gut the Voting Rights Act, but he had to wipe Taney’s fingerprints from the handle first.”

-They felt the exact same misery.

-Are you following the #EndSARS story in Nigeria?

-You have got to be kidding me. An Ohio school has been assigning kids PragerU videos for class.

-We gave an electric ukulele as a wedding gift recently. In the case of couples who don’t have a registry, do you have a go-to gift you like to give?

Here are some tweets I saved for you:

This thread. And really everything Bree Newsome Bass writes.



-A helpful thread for those who want some clarity around the history of kids in cages.

-Surely we can do this.

-I have no idea if it’s accurate at all, but I love all the dancing.

79 hours per week.

-I love stuff like this.

-How would you define “true conservatism“?

-The courts have already been packed by the Republicans.

This is evergreen. (Re: Jeffrey Toobin.)

-I feel the same way.

I hope you had a good weekend. I missed you like crazy.


7 thoughts on “A Few Things”

  1. One gift idea for engaged couples (if they celebrate Christmas): My aunt gifted my husband and I with a box of Christmas things, and we STILL use 90% of that stuff 12 years in! It was so thoughtful, because we didn’t have money to buy those “start up” things of decorations. The box had a wreath, a set of Christmas dishes for four, a ‘first Christmas’ ornament, four placemats, a set of Christmas napkin rings, and some christmas kitchen towels. We had gotten married in the summer, so she smartly bought these things over that Christmas and just held onto them till my shower that Spring. That winter we had such fun using them for the first time, so all we had to buy was a tree and some stockings and our little newlywed apartment was all set. Now, we use these things and tell our kids about that first Christmas. I try to do this for other couples whenever possible.

  2. My go-to “first” apartment, house, wedding, or other ‘setting up for a new phase if life’ gift is cast iron! It will literally last them an entire lifetime, cast iron is a healthier choice than aluminum (although heavier than sin), can be used literally on open flame/camping, on top of the range, in the oven, BBQ, etc. I love giving a double sided griddle/grill -but a dutch oven, loaf pan, kettle, press, or skillet is also great. NOT glamorous or trendy, not pretty or “special” -but once they begin using cast iron they will use it forever.

    I worry that Nigeria is on it’s own, because we most likely will react too late as we did for Rwanda… which no one ever talks about anymore… because, well I could go on for days.

    And my final comment is to say if leader “A” blew up an orphanage on Christmas day while in a position of authority 4, 30, or 82 years ago, does that give a free pass to leader “B” today? I am SO SO SO frustrated by this popular argument or response. Wrong is wrong, no matter who did what when, last year or decades ago. “What about ___________?” should be a moot point. Either they were caught, punished, ignored, or let off. We cannot go back in time. We *can* learn from the past. So let’s learn, let’s elevate and move forward, let’s grow, let’s do better than those who came before.

  3. The linked post about science-backed ways to convince people to vote is great. It makes me wish I were American so I could do it! Voting is compulsory here in Australia. I’m going to think about how to use these techniques to convince people to take other positive actions.

  4. You are so awesome, Gabrielle! Thank you for creating this space. (The link to the electric ukulele isn’t right – I’d love to see it!)

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