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Hello Friends! I really enjoyed this week. Ben Blair and I started each workday with a planning meeting and I felt like I was much more on top of my tasklist. A great feeling! Although. We also concluded that there is more work to be done than I can do, so I’m going to hire an assistant. Do you live in South Denver? Are you super organized? Do you love things like blogging and Twitter and Facebook? Send me an email at gabrielle@designmom.com and let’s chat. [Update: Thanks for all the assistant-related emails — you guys are the best! I will try to respond this week.]

While I ponder what it will be like to have an assistant, here are a few things I’ve been wanting to share with you:

-Love this camera illustration.
-A quirky and charming nursery — yellow shutters!
First salon visit — her expression is priceless.
That tent!
-What do you think of this umbrella case?
-Have you ever donated breastmilk?
Uncovering the path.
Miles away from everything.

I write a daily post for Babble’s Family Style blog. Here are this week’s posts:
-Would you rather receive flowers or an elephant?
Foxes are the new hedgehog.
-Will this sweet wallet inspire your kids to save?
Shakespeare at your fingertips.
Sandwich puzzles? How cute!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I’ll meet you back here on Monday. I miss you already. Oh! I forgot to tell you. Next week is Ask Design Mom Week. I’ll be posting great reader questions every day. Put on your thinking caps, because I’ll need your brilliant answers!

142 thoughts on “A Few Things”

  1. a few things ;-)

    1. your baby bump is adorable
    2. i want to steal that new year's ritual too…
    3. thanks for the link love.

    happy weekend!

  2. Oh that story is so beautiful it just brought tears to my eyes. I am so glad she shared her feeling with us.

    And, that New Years Eve tradition… I think I might need to do that next year!

  3. love the aussie house – looks like ned kelly's head armour – have seen this 'flap' design on other weekend houses in Australia – but can't remember who designed it – does anyone know?

  4. Hello, I was just reading along on your lovely blog and came across your husband's name! My name is Blair and my husband's name is Ben…it kinda freaked me out for a second!

    I love your pics and your blog!


  5. Thanks for the sweet links. I'm going to check them all out.

    I can't wait for ALT. I'm thinking I need to get a tan, pedicure, manicure, hair cut, hair color, new wardrobe and new blog design for this whole thing. It's going to be perfect!

    I was blown away to hear that American Airlines is offering free flights to Haiti for nurses and doctors. way to help out AA!

  6. Lynn, isn't it great that the supply of beautiful blogs never seems to run out?

    Melissa, so looking forward to seeing you (and your stylish ensembles) at Alt Summit. And thanks for telling us about American Airlines. I hadn't heard that. Very cool.

  7. I feel slightly tricked. I follow the link to the cute, new blogs and I see the f-word first thing.

    I prefer sites that spare me that sort of stuff–like yours. :| :)

  8. My friend, Kristina @ Pulsipher Predilictions has a great post about helping Haiti. When we all pull together, we *can* make a difference. So many need our help.

    Lovely links and post!

  9. Partners in Health, pih.org is an organization with a long presence in Haiti supplying medical care. Tracy Kidder wrote about Dr. Paul Farmer who started the organization, in his book Mountains Beyond Mountains, which I really think everyone should read. They are a great organization to give to. You can also give to the effort through the LDS church. if you go to lds.org and then go to the newsroom page there are several articles regarding the church's response to the disaster (some aid has been sent, more is on its way, and the church is sending doctors and nurses). If you read the full article, there is a link to LDS Philanthropies site where you can make a donation over the web.

    This is the first time I've commented, I think. I enjoy your blog!

  10. Hello Anonymous-es – So sorry to shock you unexpectedly. I wasn't sure what you were referring to, so I went to the link and had to laugh — I hadn't even noticed that poster.

    Do you suppose all those years in New York have made me immune to the f-word (because it is used all. the. time. in even the most everyday conversations)? Too funny.

  11. romanesca is divine! the texture of cauliflower, the flavor of really mild broccoli and those spiraling flowerettes? it's my favorite vegetable – roast it or steam saute it with some garlic and shallots. you'll never go back to plain broccoli again ~

  12. I went through every single one of your links and it made my afternoon. Thanks for the wonderful round-up

    and me too, I am totally doing the happy chalk idea

  13. While we wont be skiing, we are expecting a lot of snow this weekend. We are settling in for a family weekend of fire, hot chocolate and rosy cheeks.

  14. I wish I was up in the mountains this weekend (no thanks to work). I hope your young one loves "pizza french fries" on the bunny hill!
    Thanks for the tip on the NY Public Library Flickr page!
    Enjoy the weekend!

  15. I'm in Maryland where we're laughing at ourselves, the entire region has braced for "Snow-pocolypse 2010", expecting 20-28 inches. So my newlywed husband and I have a list of fun meals to make together, and I'll be catching Project Runway on-demand. I think this season has been great. nice work being made. loved the potato sack challenge!

  16. Oh, wish we were in Colorado right now…down here in Florida where it's usually warm in the winter. Would love to see snow! Love your blog, keep up the good work.

  17. supermarket sarah is brilliant!
    it's one of those- why didn't i think of that?!
    i would totally do it if i wasn't so broke.
    & i'm soo glad project runway is back in nyc.

  18. We were at Copper Mountain right before Christmas. Snow could have been better, but we go with a large group and it has enough greens, blues, and blacks to keep everyone happy. Hope y'all had a great trip.

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