Young Adult Gift Guide

The 18 picks in this guide are all focused on items that would be comforting, entertaining, or distracting during the winter months. I had in mind young adults when I put this together, but I would personally love many of the items on this list as well. Come see!

Zodiac Mugs, $23
These come with a lid and a little spoon. What a perfect gift.

Faux Leather Tissue Box, 4 color options, $11
I’m always on the lookout for good tissue box options. This one seems especially handsome.

Mini Magnetic Vase, set of eight, $19
For their fridge. So sweet and tiny! Made from glass and ceramic. Choose your favorite. An ideal spot for that pretty little weed/wildflower they spotted on their walk.

Christmas Tree Tapestry, $15
Perfect for a space that doesn’t have any space — like a dorm, a bedroom, or an office wall. You can add lights or ornaments too (click through to see more images).

Han Solo Ice Cube Tray, $10
To add some joy to the life of any Star Wars fan, or even for a themed-Star Wars party (remember when there were parties in the Before time?).

Round Hammock, $63
So handsome, right? Just what you need to create a cozy corner for hanging out.

Sterling Silver Envelope Necklace, in rose gold or silver, $28
How cute that there’s a little letter inside! And you can customize it!

3-Layer Bento Box, in three colors, $14
So they can pack the perfect lunch.

Christmas Tree Glass Jar String Lights, $14
These are so cute I want to eat them up.

Moon Phone Case, $8
And you can choose whichever phone model you need!

Retro Cherry Dangles, $7
I think I want these for me. Click through to see how they look on actual ears.

Velvet Pom Pom Slippers, in six colors, $19
Which color will you pick? Don’t they look so cozy?

Crystal Ball Music Box, 7 designs on a wood base, $40
It rotates! And it creates a pattern of light on the ceiling as it plays a lovely melody.

Retro Wax Seal Stamp Set, $16
Haven’t you always wanted one of these?

Dreamy Vintage Nightdress, $43
The prettiest nightgown I’ve seen in ages.

Makeup Organizer Box, in green or white, $53
So neat and tidy.

Hand-Held Water Mister, in brass, 4 colors, $28
Pair it with a houseplant for a thoughtful gift.

Outdoor Picnic Mat, $39
The top is super soft, and the bottom layer is waterproof, so it’s lawn-ready.


Have you started thinking about holiday shopping yet? I’m still wrapping my head around what Christmas might look like for our family this year.

12 thoughts on “Young Adult Gift Guide”

  1. These are some fun ideas! What a crazy year, we are also unsure about our holidays and if our three college students (one married) will be coming home from various coast-to-coast locales to join the family, or if I’m shopping for things to mail. One thing I’ve thought of gifting young adults is either polaroid type cameras or photo printers that sync with phones. Anyone have advice/recommendations on those? And I’ve printed up photo pillows of our cat, since they miss him, at this site.

  2. I’ve been wanting to Christmas shop as a distraction, and wishing you would do some gift guides – so this is perfect!

  3. I am here for early gift lists. A lot of small businesses are nervous about the holiday rush and supply chain issues.

    Also–we got a picnic blanket like that as a wedding gift last year and we weren’t sure we’d use it and we use it SO MUCH. Especially in the pandemic world where outdoor events are where it’s at.

  4. Love the list. Young adults and teens are the hardest to shop for and a slew of gift cards just doesn’t have the right feel.

  5. One loved gift I’ve given is a digital photo frame with an email account (there are many brands; I gave the Skylight). Any family or friend can email pics straight to the frame, and the photos magically appear to delight the frame owner. :). Simple concept (though not cheap) and a great gift for anyone feeling isolated or far away!

  6. Apollo is a NEAT site – I love that I can find even more gifts available that are so unique, thank you for sharing!

  7. The Zodiac mugs listed first are fantastic, but they are $23 not $3. I know prices can change without warning (especially on Amazon) but that seems like maybe a typo rather than a sudden price increase. Thank you for these gift lists. Such delightful finds!

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