Where Are We Moving?


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By Gabrielle.

Friends. I’m feeling such a relief! We’ve been looking and looking and thinking and thinking about where we’ll move next, and we’ve finally settled on where to settle when we leave France in July. Want to guess? Are we headed back to Colorado? Moving back to New York? Trying something new in Brazil? Or maybe San Francisco?

Feel free to click a checkmark above to add your guess. Sorry for the teaser — I’ll write a post about where we’re headed on Monday. And hey, if you know the answer already, keep it hush, hush till Monday, please. : )

P.S. — I’m still working on my “A Few Things” post. It will be delayed today because I’m shooting an Everyday Food episode with Sarah Carey this morning over at the Martha Stewart HQ. So excited!

33 thoughts on “Where Are We Moving?”

  1. Heather Young

    Wherever you go, you will make it that much better, with your open heart and eye for new adventures. Thanks for taking us along.

  2. I am curious to know where, but also why? I am always curious when people move if they go on a visa, a work move (green card) and generally how it works.

  3. Hmm. I thought you always said you were coming back to the States? But I’d definitely be excited to hear about life in a whole new country, like Brazil! Excited to hear what the word is!

  4. Hmmm, let’s see…Brazil is the wild card, you’ve lived in CO before, you’ve got family (and such beauty!) in SF, and I would selfishly like you to come (back) to New York to see my home state/region through your family’s perspective :)
    Can’t wait to find out!

    1. Hmmm. Sorry to hear about Seesaw not working for you, Kelli! I know they have a really responsive tech team, if you email them, I’m sure they can help.

  5. My vote is entirely selfish. I live in the SF Bay Area, and would love to see your posts from this corner of the world :)

    1. Susan Dunnegan

      3rd that! S.F. Bay Area is such a lovely place to live and I would love to see what you make of it!

  6. I suspect it’s probably somewhere in the US, but I voted Brazil because I’d love to see what adventures you’d have there!

  7. Because it’s my favourite place in the world and I’d love your blog to be written from there, so I voted San Francisco. Please?

  8. Congratulations! That is so exciting! I am going to say San Francisco, but I know you still have your house in Colorado. Brazil would be fun, but will one in high school I would think you would want him to finish up in the states.

  9. Mmm … I guess returning to the United States, looking for New York. Brazil would be another new language. Although I would love to continue in other countries, no doubt who can not make that adventure enjoyed his experience.
    Greetings from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  10. If it is Rio we lived there for 2 years and LOVED it…though very different from here in Europe …it would be a fantastic adventure! As is the rest of S. America which are easy flights and weekends.

  11. Please let it be San Francisco. We’d love to see you and your family around town. What fun, can’t wait for the announcement Monday!

  12. I’m hoping Colorado. Mainly because that’s where I live and I have a better chance of running into you at Target here. Good luck though, wherever your next adventure is!

  13. I can’t wait to find out. But, I have to admit, I was hoping to see Boston among these cities. :)
    We have a very good education, diversity, european look and feel and we are only 7 hrs plain ride to Paris. :) Plus New England is beautiful. Well, maybe next time. :)

  14. I’d definitely say Brazil. It’s a whole new place, filled with new experiences, and I think it’d be amazing to read about your experience abroad again. I hope we’ll find out soon!

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