What to Wear to 3rd Grade

The ideal first day of school outfit for Ralph who enters 3rd grade. Ralph calls this kind of outfit “jumpy” because it makes him feel like doing cool jumps (think extreme sports).

Pants by Gap.
T-shirt by Children’s Place.
Button down (worn unbuttoned over tee) by Children’s Place.
Socks by Hanes.
Shoes by Converse.

2 thoughts on “What to Wear to 3rd Grade”

  1. I completely love the cool shoes and pants. I think pretty much as long as boys have cool pants and shoes the top isn’t so important. Unless it’s that crazy snoopy at H&M, that would sort of ruin it all.

    Cute outfits Gabby!

  2. Dressing boys is just so easy. It’s hard to mess it up. And they where the same thing basically their whole life: jeans, t-shirts, khakis/cargos, button-downs, sneakers, etc.

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