What to Wear to 10th & 11th Grade

Ralph & Maude What to Wear 2014-1534

Photos and text by Gabrielle.

Here it is! Part three (and the final part) of our What to Wear to School wardrobe posts for 2014-15.

If you’ve been reading for awhile, you know we typically share these posts in the fall, as the school year begins. But as I mentioned earlier, this year, we didn’t do our wardrobe photoshoots until January! I started processing the photos last month, and I’ve been sharing the tours over the last few weeks.

Ralph & Maude What to Wear 2014-1503Ralph & Maude What to Wear 2014-1521

Some people have wondered via email how I get my older kids to participate in this series, but honestly it hasn’t been a battle of wills at all. They don’t mind participating, because they end up using the photos a ton throughout the year, and they’ve found that they really love having a record of their wardrobe. And not just the wardrobe, but photos of them wearing the clothes.

When they see the photos, they get instant memories of wearing certain outfits to certain schools. They’ll remember that they picked out a particular shirt or pair of shoes for a trip, or for the first day of school, and they’ll feel nostalgic in the best way. In fact, Ralph said he would be in heaven if Ben Blair and I had a similar record of our wardrobes as kids and as teenagers. He eats stuff like that up — he loves looking at our old yearbooks and any family album he can get his hands on.

Ralph & Maude What to Wear 2014-1501Ralph & Maude What to Wear 2014-1522

So anyway, all that is to say that I hope this is great content for you — I received a ton of hopeful emails in the fall asking if I would be doing the posts this year, so I’m crossing my fingers that many of you are glad to see these posts even if it’s almost Spring now. But I also create this content with my kids in mind. I know they love it.

Ready for the wardrobe tour? Let’s get started.

Ralph & Maude What to Wear 2014-1509


Ralph is wearing grey wool pullover and black jeans from Uniqlo. Socks from J.Crew. Suede oxfords from Banana Republic. Watch by Casio.

Maude is wearing flannel shirt and black high-waisted jeans from H&M — I love the contrasting star material inside the cuffs of the shirt! Shoes by Converse, we found her pair at Urban Outfitters.

Ralph & Maude What to Wear 2014-1508Ralph & Maude What to Wear 2014-1506Ralph & Maude What to Wear 2014-1502Ralph & Maude What to Wear 2014-1505Ralph & Maude What to Wear 2014-1501Ralph & Maude What to Wear 2014-1504Ralph & Maude What to Wear 2014-1507Ralph & Maude What to Wear 2014-152

I would say that these outfits are Ralph and Maude’s current favorites. And no surprise, because they both look great!

Ralph & Maude What to Wear 2014-1517


Ralph is wearing faded jeans from H&M. Tee by Thrasher. Heather grey hoodie from Uniqlo. Shoes are Seeley by Adidas. Sunglasses by Vans — they’re foldable!

Maude is wearing red jeans and star sweater from H&M. The sweater is one of those super thin ones that you can layer over a tank or other top. Black high-tops are by Converse.

Ralph & Maude What to Wear 2014-1510Ralph & Maude What to Wear 2014-1515Ralph & Maude What to Wear 2014-1511Ralph & Maude What to Wear 2014-1519Ralph & Maude What to Wear 2014-1512Ralph & Maude What to Wear 2014-1518Ralph & Maude What to Wear 2014-1514Ralph & Maude What to Wear 2014-1513Ralph & Maude What to Wear 2014-1516

I LOVE seeing these two goofing around and being kids. They will be grown up and gone far too soon! It’s also fun to see Maude’s long hair here, because she has since chopped it! It’s now a bob that hits an inch or so below her chin — just long enough to pull into a ponytail for running.

Ralph & Maude What to Wear 2014-1528


Ralph is wearing the same jeans from H&M as above. Navy sweater and knit cap are also H&M. Green sneakers are Onitsuka Tigers. (Ukulele here.)

Maude is wearing yellow skirt and blazer from H&M. Cable knit tights and black sweater from Uniqlo. Black boots by Tommy Hilfiger.

Ralph & Maude What to Wear 2014-1520Ralph & Maude What to Wear 2014-1523Ralph & Maude What to Wear 2014-1524Ralph & Maude What to Wear 2014-1525Ralph & Maude What to Wear 2014-1527Ralph & Maude What to Wear 2014-1526

If Ralph has a uniform these days, it’s blue or black jeans with a grey or navy sweater and an interesting sneaker. That seems to be what he drawn to most when he needs new clothes, and he likes the idea of a minimal wardrobe.

I wouldn’t say Maude has a uniform (not counting her track team uniform!), but she’s for sure figuring out what she feels best in. Shopping is not her favorite, but when we need an outfit (like this one with the yellow skirt, which she picked out for her trip to Washington D.C.), she can easily say not that, not that, not that, and narrow what she likes quickly.

Ralph & Maude What to Wear 2014-1535


Ralph is wearing black jeans by Levi’s. Grey tee from Uniqlo. Socks by J.Crew. Denim shirt he picked up while he was in England last semester — I don’t know the brand, but similar here. Sneakers by New Balance.

Maude is wearing blue jeans from H&M. Sweatshirt from Forever 21. The same white Converse as above. Black knit hat we bought in France — it’s by Mexx.

Ralph & Maude What to Wear 2014-1532Ralph & Maude What to Wear 2014-1529Ralph & Maude What to Wear 2014-1536Ralph & Maude What to Wear 2014-1538Ralph & Maude What to Wear 2014-1533Ralph & Maude What to Wear 2014-1539Ralph & Maude What to Wear 2014-1537Ralph & Maude What to Wear 2014-1531Ralph & Maude What to Wear 2014-1530

So, I originally bought the Youth in Revolt sweatshirt for me thinking maybe I could wear it ironically, then decided I couldn’t pull it off. But happily, Maude does so very nicely. In that first shot of her solo, I asked her to give me her best “youth in revolt” expression and she nailed it. : ) Ralph is totally wearing a variation on his uniform here.

Ralph & Maude What to Wear 2014-1545


Ralph is wearing trousers from The Gap. Vintage Dragon shirt over tee from Oaklandish. Sneakers are same as shown above — Seeley by Adidas. Backpack by Eastpak. (Book is Lord of the Rings.)

Maude is wearing top that Olive brought back from France in December (I don’t know the brand). Black leggings from H&M. Bat-sleeve hoodie from TBDress. Novelty socks were a holiday gift from a classmate. Hightops are the same as shown above.

Ralph & Maude What to Wear 2014-1540Ralph & Maude What to Wear 2014-1547Ralph & Maude What to Wear 2014-1544Ralph & Maude What to Wear 2014-1542Ralph & Maude What to Wear 2014-1546Ralph & Maude What to Wear 2014-1541Ralph & Maude What to Wear 2014-1548

And that completes our What to Wear to School wardrobe tours for 2014-15! I feel like there should be some sort of finale trumpet sound. It’s now March, but hey, I got it done! : )

Any thoughts on these outfits? Do you have a favorite? Would you kids wear any of these selections? I’d love to hear!

P.S. — You can find all the What to Wear to School posts from over the years here. Usually we do them in the fall, but this year was a bit different, I couldn’t make the photoshoots happen until January.

28 thoughts on “What to Wear to 10th & 11th Grade”

  1. love the suede oxfords – very gentlemanly. also love the “youth in revolt” shirt, kind of wish I could wear it myself but it probably wouldn’t have the same effect as I fall now neither to the young nor the revolutionary. But maybe I could wear it with some irony?

  2. While these posts are lovely, I am glad that the school my daughter attends has as uniform which all girls must wear. I cannot imagine the palaver every morning if outfits needed to be put together ( and she is only 10 years old!). Uniforms are the norm in Australia. I only know one school that does not have a uniform that students are required to wear.

  3. I love styling my kids and / or watching what they pick to wear. Here, we are in uniforms and the weather is so snowy that everyday is plaid, dark blue, and boots. Anyway – cute / hip kids – your daughter really resembles you!

  4. I’m happy to read these posts at any time. You should do a summer edition too where you show them all in summer clothes. I’d love to see how they style shorts and such. I’m in Phoenix though, so maybe I’m the only one interested. :-)

    Maude looks just like you!!

    Also, are you more likely to buy more expensive/nicer quality brands since you know they’ll be worn again by the younger kids? I have a girl and a boy, and I hate to spend too much knowing they’ll grow out of it so quickly and I can’t use it again (although mine are 4 and 2).

    1. Good question, Emily. Over the years my shopping has mostly been determined by budget versus quality — our first was born as I graduated from college and we were just starting out. We couldn’t afford much at the time, so I was just looking for anything good-looking that was in our pricepoint (meaning, the clearance rack). But even some of those inexpensive items turned out to be good quality and we were able to hand them down. So for me, it hasn’t necessarily been expensive clothes = good quality.

      At this point in our lives we can afford more options, and I do sometimes shop at stores we couldn’t have afforded when we started our family, but I also shop at many of the same stores we shopped at early on. And I still check the clearance racks. I keep my eyes peeled for good-looking, well-designed clothes wherever they might show up. In France, I often found great pieces at the grocery store!

      Of course, I LOVE when something turns out to be really good quality, and it’s a delight to discover brands that consistently make good quality items, but I find “quality” to be unpredictable.

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  6. Emily Chandler

    First, I have to say, you’re a very cool mama.

    Secondly, I always thought as a teen that my parents could use some hip factor. Now, I’m totally that mom that makes it out of the door in a logo tee, leggings, my every day boots, and a scarf and (laughs at myself) and just feels lucky to be at a park with my kids (1, 4 years), lack of fashion and all.

    That said, Maude has inspired me to have fun. Who says I can’t have a shirt with stars or an awesome yellow skirt for a dress up day? Teens are playful and playful in their fashion and while I believe in dressing my age (30, not 17) I think we should all be a bit inspired too :)

  7. Great outfits! I would love it if you would includes your kids ages in the post. Being from the Netherlands, 10th and 11th grade don’ t mean much to me… thanks!

  8. It’s funny…my 13 yr old son has a uniform as well–basketball shorts and t-shirts every. single. day.

    But my 11 yr old girl wears a little bit of everything.

    I was trying to remember what it was like when I was a teen, and I think I was more like my son, wearing similar clothes all the time. Really…that’s how I still am today. Interesting.

  9. I too think Maude looks exactly like you.

    I have a general question that you just touch upon in your post. While I appreciate that your children like the idea of having yearly fashion photos to look back upon I am more interested in the fact that they don’t mind your using the photos in such a public manner. (for they could have the photos to look at later without your posting them on your website.) Has Ralph given you a cut-off age? Or do you just take each day, or post, at a time?

  10. These two need to be in In Style magazine…they look like models! They even have the perfect poses. Seriously, SO COOL!!! I ADORE these photos as I’m sure they will adore looking back on these when they are older as well. I love Ralph’s first outfit, immediately reminded me of a frenchman – totally something you would see in France. I LOVE the splash of color his red socks!! So cool!! Maude has the most beautiful blue eyes…I love her Youth in Revolt Shirt! Gorgeous girl! Thank you for sharing these photos and thank you for the fashion inspiration!!!! :)

  11. How gorgeous! As lovely as these styles are, I am so pleased that in Australia (where we live) we all wear uniforms to school. It really levels the playing field for the “haves” and “have nots” which I think must help kids to integrate and most importantly learn. There is plenty of opportunity to assert your sense of style through those years but school days (and preparing for them in the morning!) are much easier in a uniform.
    It’s always nice to see how other people live their life though. Thank you for sharing!

    1. I’m about 20 minutes into a film set in Australia (Mental) and I noticed that the four younger girls all were wearing uniforms. Interesting that all kids have to wear them. I assume it’s the same then in public and private schools.

      When I was growing up (almost 40 now), only the private (and mostly religious) schools had uniforms. You still knew who had money based on the bags and shoes, how well groomed kids and their clothes were, how many different uniform pieces they owned. And of course the car used to drop off and pick-up and the driver’s appearance.

      Uniforms now depend upon the region. When we lived in New Orleans a few years ago, all private and public schools had their kids wear uniforms. My nephew in Southern California attends a public school and doesn’t wear a uniform, but when he was in a charter public school, he did. It’s not that uncommon in that part of CA for the public schools to have them. None of the schools here (about an hour north of Seattle) do, except for the Catholic one.

      1. That’s funny about the film having that. It would be a very typical look for teeneagers in a film set here to be in a very generic uniform! If you ever see puberty blues from the late 70s, you would see a lot of public school uniforms.

        Private schools here have far more formal uniforms of which there are really no options. You have it all regardless of how well off you are. Public schools are more casual but certainly uniformed. There are some free dress schools but they would generally be more alternative schools.

        Good point on the cars, etc. I guess kids work that out early huh?!

  12. Love this series; always one of my faves!

    I laughed because in the Olive & June one, I noted that my 13-yo daughter has the same star sweater Olive wears. Here, she has the same H&M flannel shirt Maude has! (Did you update the Olive & June post with sources yet?)

  13. Passing through a little late…but my first thought….ohmygosh, a mini you (Maude)! Do you all hear this often? I used to hate that when people would say that about me and my mom.

    Second thought…loved the styling but I’m also thankful for you uniforms…I couldn’t even imagine with my son!

  14. I just found this page. I wish I had found it some years ago when my daughter was still a kid.
    I love Maude’s fashion senses. And Maude will be Maude – All Maude (s) are Maudeses hahah.
    I wish her and his brother all the best. I must say now they are grown up and doing their own things.
    Good Luck to the family!

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