Weekend Report

We played all weekend with our friends the Lattins. Saturday night we hit the divey Morrison Inn for chimichangas. Sunday we all spent the afternoon in our newly painted rocking chairs. And Monday we ate watermelon in their shady backyard before hitting the neighborhood pool. We ended the weekend with shakes, onion rings and burgers at Fatburger.

By the way, if you get the chance, I highly recommend the half-a-watermelon idea. It was a wonderful (easy) way to spend a sunny afternoon. Tell me about your weekend. Did it feel like an end of summer celebration? Anyone ready to start thinking Halloween?

I’m thinking this image captures “end of summer” pretty perfectly.

43 thoughts on “Weekend Report”

  1. what a lovely sounding weekend! every bit of it.

    our next door neighbor had a trampoline when i was growing up. your assessment about your job as a mother is pretty much right. we spent every waking non-school, non-homework, non-mealtime minute there. astoundingly, no-one ever got hurt, so the fun didn’t end til we all got our drivers licenses.

    and if your kids are happy with nothing but a trampoline and a fridge stocked with yogurt and apples, you’ve obviously done your job well up to this point!

  2. Beautiful picture. This takes me back to the Saturday nights when my sisters and I would watch the Donny and Marie show after our baths while my Mom put pink sponge rollers in our hair. What a memory!

  3. HaPpY (belated) BiRtHdAy!!!!
    Sorry you weren't feeling well but happy you're better.
    Had a fun weekend spending time with family. :)

  4. Sorry you were sick on your birthday…how miserable! But I had to laugh at the coincidence of your reading material. We just selected that book as our first family book club title! I am glad to hear you liked it.

  5. hi, you don't know me but I read your blog all the time, scary, I know… but I read that book too and loved it. I imagined the main character as Emma Thompson, don't you think they should make a movie? Oh and Happy Birthday.

  6. My weekend was awesome–my friends and I drove to New York City (from Boston). We walked all over and chased food the whole weekend and I went to my first Broadway show (Phantom). I heart New York!!

  7. Happy Birthday! Sounds like the perfect birthday actually, I wish I could have snuggled up in bed all day with a good book for my birthday! Thanks for the book recommendation, I've had my eye on that book for a little while now.

  8. Hi! Just found your blog and already loving it, keep up the good work…and of course happy Birthday, and hope you are feeling better from your cold!

    My weekend ( live in Norway, Scandinavia) was with familiy great weather and lot of outdoor activities!!

    (Do you like Scandinavian design?)

  9. Happy Birthday! I am staying up way too late every night reading The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, and I've got the bags under my eyes to prove it. Fantastic story.

  10. Happy Birthday…colds are rotten but what a lovely silver lining! I agree about the Guernsey book…one of the better recommendations you received.

    "Lavinia" is beautiful but not as engaging and gripping.

  11. I read that book this weekend too! Love Juliet and her quirky style. And Isolde and the motorcycle, with Sir William and the parrot on his shoulder. I laughed out loud. Do people like that really exist, and if so, where are you friends??

  12. We took our boat from Boston to Provincetown, with 2 other families. We "rafted" our boats together on a mooring and "camped out" 6 adults, 9 children, 9 years to 3 years old. It was hot, it was cold, it was calm, it was windy…it was amazing fun! A perfect way to end the summer in the Northeast. Oh and we went whale watching, too. That was spectacular, the whales were so close to our boat, you could almost feel their spray.

  13. Very fun weekend. And heck yeah, I'm SO excited to think about Halloween. This year is going to be a blast. Can't wait to see what you have to share:)

  14. It's hotter than heck where I live but it will still be that way when Halloween rolls around- I have started thinking about it since it's all over the magazines and catalogs in the mail! We celebrated yesterday with swimming and mexican food with family- yum! I love the watermelon idea! My kids would be in heaven!

  15. I love this watermelon idea. It involves two of my kids favorite things eating and a good hose down afterwords. I'll have to try it out soon. September is the best summer month here in the SF bay area. But I am looking forward to fall!

  16. When my boys get bigger, we're totally going to do the 1/2 watermelon challenge. They're not yet 2 and love watermelon. My husband would love it as well. Can't wait

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