Valentine’s Day Breakfast Tradition

At our house, the main Valentine’s Day traditions and celebrations happen at breakfast. I get up early and set a table the kids will think is elegant (read: I use linen and goblets). I light some tea lights and sprinkle heart confetti.

The menu varies and can contain pretty much anything we might normally eat for breakfast, but with a romantic/heart/pink spin. The milk is blended with raspberries and sugar. The waffles are topped with fresh strawberries and whipped cream. The toast is heart shaped. The pancakes have a few drops of red food-coloring added to the batter. Oatmeal is served with brown sugar sprinkled to form a heart. And I’ve yet to try it, but the egg-in-a-heart-form idea would be perfect.

I also leave a small valentine/gift on each child’s plate — and I mean small. A tiny box with some new lip balm/gloss for their coat pocket. Or a new beaded bracelet. One year it was a box of band-aids for each child. This breakfast is no stress for me and has turned into a perfect tradition for our family.

Other ideas I am loving:
In a conversation with some fellow mothers a couple of weeks ago, we exchanged Valentine’s Day traditions from the homes we grew up in.

-One family would wake to find a Valentine surprise under their pillows.
-Another family gave a book (in lieu of candy or trinkets) to each child on Valentine’s Day.
-In a third family, the father would bring flowers to each of the daughters — Mom would get a big arrangement and the girls might get a single stem. The mother would give something traditional, say chocolate, to the sons.

The flower idea was also something my own father did and I loved it. In junior high and high school, when it seemed like it would be wonderful to have a sweetheart on Valentine’s Day, it was reassuring to know there would be flowers waiting for me at home.

What about you? What are your Valentine’s Day Traditions?

P.S. — More sweet Valentine’s Day ideas.

11 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Breakfast Tradition”

  1. I don’t know why, but this post has me feeling a bit weepy! It’s so sweet and simple and inspiring. My kids and I have been hard at work making homemade Valentine’s for all their school chums (I have the free template available for me readers on my site). But I really like the idea of having a special breakfast- the sentiment is sure to start the day off right!

  2. I love the idea of having the father write a note to his little girl. I think it would be sweet for my little one to grow up with a yearly sweet note from her Dad.

  3. Thanks for the breakfast ideas! I love it! I’m definitely trying the heart shaped eggs and pink milk! Target has heart shaped ice cube trays in the dollar spot ($2.50 section). It would be cute to add them to strawberry lemonade.

  4. Valentines day was always fun as a kid, we made cards with my mom and then she did the fancy table/little gift at breakfast in the morning, it was fun to read your post and remember that!

  5. I love the Valentine’s breakfast idea. Love it. I’m going to do heart pancakes for the Hurricane’s class party. Because no parent in the class really wants their 12 month old loaded up on sugar. Pancakes seem relatively tame.

  6. This is an awesome post!!! i’m going to link it in from my blog….i was just posting about Valentine’s Day Family Breakfast traditions!!! ♥

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