The Treehouse at La Cressonnière

Somehow I hadn’t heard about the treehouse before we moved here. What a wonderful, unexpected surprise!

charming tree house in Francecharming treehouse in france

The details continue to make me smile — like this scalloped metal trim.

charming treehouse in France

This bell waits at the front door.

charming treehouse in France

The front door opens and closes with this little knob.

charming treehouse in France

A small shelf (to leave gifts of seashells) and a place to write a note. You can open the cupboard by pulling the ribbon and leave a message inside.

charming treehouse in France

The scalloped trim on the awning is amazing. And so are the walls made of woven sticks.

Inside, you’ll find a collection of antique keys…

charming treehouse in France

…and some dishes ready for tea time.

charming treehouse in France

Let’s admire the shutters. They open and close.

charming treehouse in France

This is the view from the back. Do you see the heart cut out of the wood?

charming treehouse in FranceCharming treehouse in France

A hanging picture frame to gaze through. Genius!

charming treehouse in France

So many great ideas — I hope to copy them all some day.

Update: Here are some more details I just received from the homeowners. “As you probably guessed, Hugues [the husband/father] built the treehouse around that big walnut tree several years ago. It was a labour of love, and he spent the good part of a summer constructing it. The wonderful thing about it is that we didn’t buy anything to make it (apart from nails). We had all the materials either in the house, the barns or in the local forest. The decorative woodwork is in hazelnut. The antique keys are [my daughter’s] key collection and we thought that a good place to display them.”

How about you? Did you have a treehouse growing up? Have you built one for your kids?

104 thoughts on “The Treehouse at La Cressonnière”

  1. It’s so picturesque that it’s hard to believe it’s real. How adorably perfect for a French estate to hold such a treasure, and one that will be well appreciated over the next year, I’m sure!

  2. PRICELESS! I can only imagine the conversations that will take place in this sacred little dwelling of sticks and stones…So dear…I enjoy reading about your unique and special family… Barbara Smith

  3. Is it real? I absolutely want to make this and my kids are young adults. I will have sweet dreams tonight with swirling thoughts about that magical house in the branches.

  4. That place is truly magical…We built many a tree”house” and fort growing up, But they were nothing like that. They usually didn’t last long, because the teenagers in the neighborhood would usually dismantle them after a few days. Hence the reason, for building many:)
    Enjoy France, I so look forward to reading about all your adventures.

  5. Martin @ nanny cameras

    When i was a kid i remember we have a tree house. But it can
    not fits 3 people, it’s just like a terrace. We hang out there just
    to talked and annoying each other. It’s a very good feeling to
    remember to my childhood days.
    great post!

  6. this treehouse is a fantasy come true!! if you ever need a moment by yourself Gabby, this would be the perfect place to hide-away!!

  7. Wait…IT GETS BETTER?! So excited to be on this journey “with” you. This totally rocks. Can my kid be an exchange student with your family for a month? :-)
    Enjoy, and keep on inspiring us to do GREAT THINGS! xo Christina

  8. G-This post is lovely. Lately (longer than the move, tbh) I have found your blog lacking actual content. Giveaways aren’t content, posts about another post on another blog, especially if everyone does a post about that post, aren’t content. Links to Babble aren’t content. I miss the DM content! I only check your blog infrequently now. I may be in the vast minority but before we broke up I thought I would let you know!

  9. This just keeps getting better and better…next I suppose I’ll hear about the Rolls Royce and the chauffeur that came with the house too! :) Such an amazing experience…I just had an idea…maybe you could have a GIANT “come visit the Blair’s” giveaway at the end of your year?? (I’m sorta joking, but mostly not…)

  10. Seriously! Only you could land a rental with the most magical tree house on earth..can’t wait to see some shoots from there! What fantastic memories already and you’ve just arrived!

  11. More, more, more…we want more of everything…you can’t keep it coming fast enough!!! (okay,okay I guess I will try to be more patient…it never was my strong point!!)

  12. I think better that it was a surprise for your children: exhausted, already a little lonely… and BAM magic happens on the first day.

    A beautiful beginning.

  13. Whoa. Where have I been? I had no idea you were in France!!! Got sick of Colorado, huh?? ;)

    Such a fantastic treehouse. It looks like a dream. Hope you are having the most lovely time.

  14. Hi Blair Family!
    Alie would like to know if Betty likes her new big girl swing…she’d also like to explore the treehouse! Glad all is well…please tell Betty she is missed! -Alie & Leslie

  15. Wait, when is your lease up there? Cause I think we are moving in!!! What a cool find. You guys must be having the best time. What a special journey for your family :)

  16. I hope our tree gets big enough to build a tree-house for our grandchildren someday. This is a wonderful place to empower imaginations!

  17. I’m having such fun reading through your old posts…only have time for a few a day, but what a nice armchair travel to your world I’m having! I never had a treehouse, nor did my daughter, but it has always been a dream. This inspires me to get my husband “inspired” to get making one this summer!!!

  18. Oh dear! It’s a little difficult not to think of the Prince and the Pauper when I see that treehouse and the walls around the yard that are oh-so-french-revolution.
    Huzzah for the skeleton keys!

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