Tall House Updates: More Bricks

We finished the bricks in the dining room! The whole family helped and it was such a good and satisfying project. You may remember our brick adventure began with bricks in the powder room, and then we extended those to fill in the bricks in the entry, and the dining room was the last section we needed to fill in. It feels great to have the brick work completed.

Come see how they turned out.

A lot of the work on the Tall House happened while borders were shut, and our oldest two kids, Ralph and Maude, were far away. So this is one of the first big house projects they were able to take part in. They were a huge help! What a delight it was to have the whole family together, working on something worthwhile.

I’m really looking forward to seeing the dining room transformation completed.

P.S. — More Tall House updates.

2 thoughts on “Tall House Updates: More Bricks”

  1. This so great! What a nice job you all did matching the pattern! Kudos!!! This inspires me to work on healing our 100+ year old garage!

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