Tall House Updates

Another exciting week of progress at the Tall House. And at the Small House! We weren’t originally planning on working on the Small House this week, but we’re so glad it could happen.

A man named Guillaume helped us with our radiators a couple weeks ago and was looking for additional projects. We showed him our (seemingly endless) list of projects and asked what aligned with his skills, and he mentioned his father (who is retired) was a roofer. Guillaume thought tackling the Small House roof repairs, with the direction of his father, would be ideal. So we said: Go for it!

In these slides you’ll see the beginnings of the roof repair, and you’ll also see Grant’s work prepping the walls and ceiling of the Studio/Atelier for paint:

In the kitchen, we met with a team to discuss details about the marble countertops. They ordered the marble directly from Cararra, Italy and I believe it will arrive at their workshop shortly:

In the attic, Gijsbert has been priming the walls for paint, including the upper wood-paneled sections, and the window team re-installed the repaired attic window. The window team is almost done with their work — we’re just waiting on some shutters to arrive back from the sandblasting + painting workshop:

In the parents’ bathroom, the bathtub and floor-mounted faucet have been installed. The attic bathtub has been installed too! And we started cleaning/restoring the herringbone wood floors on the landing between the kids’ bedrooms:

I love a week like this where lots of happening. Any thoughts? Is there a particular room at the Tall House you’re most interested in?

P.S. — More Tall House updates.

6 thoughts on “Tall House Updates”

  1. Your reno is like a great novel…you want to know what is going happen next, so you keep turning the pages. But you also know you are going to be sad once the ‘novel’ is done. Thank goodness I can hold out hope for your small house and cottage renos.

    As far as specific rooms, I’m actually interested to see more about the dining/entry way.

    Thanks for sharing your home with us!

  2. I also follow you on INSTA and oh how I love the house updates!!! Both are so fascinating! They are amazing, your workers are artisans, your ideas are phenomenal–it is wonderful following you! AND let me just add your posts are so thoughtful & spot on! THANK YOU

  3. I agree Linda K! But don’t forget, there is the small house, and the cottage left :) I forsee a few more great years of renovations ahead!

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