Table Project Update

More sneak peeks of the table project!

Isn’t it amazing? It’s enormous. And weighs 300 pounds or so. I love it so much! I know I owe more details and sources — a full post with more pics is coming. Now. Do I leave it as is? Or try to age it to look like this one?

41 thoughts on “Table Project Update”

  1. i just love the way these tables look all beat up. i’d say give it a little headstart and let your kids do the rest. nice job nephew!

  2. Oh I can’t believe how great that looks. I agree with others and do think you should age it. Was applying the metal difficult? we have the existing table and my husband just can get his head around adding metal to it..he thinks it will be so challenging.

  3. Too cool! I don’t know a thing about wood working, but I would think you’d want to seal the wood somehow too. I would think stained and aged like the picture you posted would be great. Or you could paint the legs white and age it that might look cool, depending on your other decor. Looking forward to more pics of the table (and your new digs).

  4. Are you giving the steel a finish? I’ve seen great things done with a simple round sander on metal! Gives the table a really subtle texture like the one in the picture you posted of the inspiration table. As for the wood… I’m torn… I love natural wood! Such a lovely project!

  5. This is looking stunning already, I can’t wait till you post some more photos.

    I think this is one of those objects that will just get better with time.

  6. Please let it age naturally…you will be so much happier with the look over the years as your family lives their lives around it.

  7. I think the aged looks good, BUT I like the top of the table as is. If you’re going to be using it as an art table as well, it’s nice to have a smooth surface for drawing on, and it will make an awsome place to role out clay! Besides, your kids will naturally age it if they are anything like my kids!

  8. to let it age naturally will take many, many years (the wood portion). and forget about evenness with kids in the picture. i’d try to stain the legs with something natural to give it a head start, like coffee grounds. try it on scraps first, of course. then a good waxing or sealer – but wax will allow it to beautify further, while still protecting it. or a tinted wax… that will let the grain through, also. there are lots of natural options!
    it’s gorgeous tho – enjoy it!

  9. Just hoping that you haven't forgotten about posting how you created the table. I was directed to this blog because I also want to make a table, and now I love your site!

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