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By Gabrielle.

It’s so warm today, that I searched my closet for something summery to put on my feet, and realized my warm weather shoes from last year are pretty darn thrashed. Time to pick up a new pair of espadrilles at our grocery store!

I’d love to know: Do you have a favorite summer shoe? Simple sneakers, flip flops, leather sandals, or espadrilles? Or maybe something else entirely? You can click on the check mark to vote for your favorite above.

P.S. — For those who have asked, I use the Seesaw app to create these voting graphics. Yes, it’s free. And yes, it’s lots of fun!

24 thoughts on “Summer Shoes”

    1. I’m a Birkenstocks fan, too! In fact I was debating using a pair of green birks instead of the saltwaters for the image. : )

      I don’t currently own a pair, but I’m sure I will again someday.

  1. I bought some saltwaters on Amazon this year and they are so comfortable and really holding up well. I like that I get the comfort of sandals but they look dressier than flip flops.

      1. we do them for the kids too, but I got some last summer for myself and love them. they’re so cute. I have the bright yellow and they go with just about everything!

  2. Just ordered my Saltwaters after going several years without them. I’m so, so excited! Seeing my feet with Saltwater tan lines brings me joy.

  3. I got a pair of Toms espadrilles and love them. They’re super light and comfortable. I live in leather sandals throughout summer too. : )

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  5. Ballerinas or flats, the already beat up ones for the sand box and nice ones for errands and around town. :)

  6. I don’t think I’m capable of choosing a favorite summer shoe. I’m a fan of flip-flops, saltwater sandals, espadrilles, and strappy sandals. But for running around with my kids, the comfort and practicality of Saltwaters definitely wins out. We live in Seattle and are basically surrounded by water, and I love Saltwater sandal’s ability to function as water shoes. We often find ourselves at a local beach when that wasn’t part of the original plan, and if I’m wearing my Saltwaters I’m still prepared! Also, they seem never to age. I’ve had mine for at least a decade and they look about the same as the day I got them!

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