Projecteo: A Miniature Projector for Your Instagrams

Projecteo: projector for Instagrams

Projecteo: projector for Instagrams Projecteo: projector for Instagrams Projecteo: projector for Instagrams

By Koseli.

Projecteo is a tiny projector for your Instagrams. This is how to works: connect your Instagram account to Projecteo and they develop your shots onto 35mm film. Both the projector and film are sent to you through snail mail and voila, you have a slideshow party waiting to happen.

Can you imagine doing this for a children’s birthday party or family reunion? It would be so fun! You can read more about the simple process here.

10 thoughts on “Projecteo: A Miniature Projector for Your Instagrams”

  1. We gave one of these to my husband for father’s day– a PERFECT gift for that type of thing– for grandparents, parents etc… and he loved it. A pocket full of sweet memories that you can view on a darkened bedroom wall or ceiling. I don’t think you’d want to get this for any type of public presentation though– as you said “children’s birthday party or family reunion”.
    Think of this more like a viewmaster version of a slide projector.

  2. This is off the subject-sorry. Were you and your family on a show called something like “international homes” and you decided to rent a fabulous artist’s home vs buying? If so, I saw the show and enjoyed it and loved some of the places they featured. You must have enjoyed your stay. I live in Colorado.

  3. I admit I am less than tech-savvy, but aside from being in a place with absolutely no electricity, wouldn’t viewing your images on a large screen be better? Sorry if I misunderstand the concept…I am, however, intrigued and will probably get this as a future gift lol :)

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