DIY: Print & Fold House Gift Boxes — Free Printable!

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How adorable are these mini house boxes? They make the sweetest little holiday gift boxes ever, right? And they are super easy to make. Just print (free downloads below), trim, and fold. Then fill them with whatever you like. Speaking of which, I fully recommend HI-CHEWS to fill these holiday gift boxes!

Have you ever had HI-CHEWS? My friend Audrey introduced them me to about 5 years ago when we were living in France. She had just made a trip to Japan and was coming to stay with us, and she brought HI-CHEWS for the family. Holy moly they are good. The flavors, the texture, the perfect amount of chewiness. I adore them. 

Happily, they’ve become more widely available in the U.S. over the last few years — in fact you can even find them at Target. There were even a few HI-CHEWS in our kids’ Halloween trick-or-treating stash this year! And yes, I think I ate all of them — but especially the Green Apple and Strawberry flavors. Put out a bowl of HI-CHEWS over the holidays and wow your family and friends. Everyone loves to be introduced to a new sweet treat!

Ready to make those gift boxes now? Let’s do it! Oh, and for extra fun, you can even cut out the windows!


colorful house PDF — free printable
– white cardstock
– scissors
– straightedge
– paper scorer
– double-sided tape

Print the house PDF on white cardstock then cut each house out.

Use the straightedge and score the house on the dashed lines.

Fold on the scored lines.

Place a piece of double-sided tape on the long tab on the side.

Lay the other edge of the house shape on the taped tab. Press firmly to attach.

Close the bottom of the box by folding the tabs and secure with double-sided tape.

Do that 4 times are you’ll have this cute little collection of houses ready to gift.

Lastly, fill the box with goodies and seal the top with another piece of tape!


Super easy, right? And now I want to hear from my fellow HI-CHEW fans. What’s your favorite flavor? I recently tried kiwi for the first time and I’m digging it.


Credits: Photos and box designs by Amy Christie for Design Mom.

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