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Hello, Friends! How are you? I want to thank you for the really lovely comments about weaning June. They are such a comfort!

I’m actually sneaking out early today because there are fun plans in the works. I’m taking the train to Paris this morning to hang out with my friend Megan — one of my favorite people in the whole world. Then, later tonight, Ben Blair and the kids will meet me in the city and we’ll spend the long weekend playing tourist.

We’re planning a picnic at the Rodin Museum, and hoping to see a match at the French Open. (Did I tell you Ben Blair is a huge tennis fan?) I wonder if there will still be huge piles of peonies at the flower shops…

How about you? Any fun plans for the 3-day break? Memorial Day weekend always feels like the start of summer to me!


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34 thoughts on “Paris”

  1. I love peonies! I desperately wanted them for my wedding bouquet, but they were out of season for my July nuptials. They were in full bloom last week and I’m grateful for my neighbor who was happy to share hers. They’re all gone now, sadly — so ephemeral!

    Have a wonderful full weekend! I’ll headed for NJ to spend the weekend with family, but will be stopping in Baltimore for brunch with some girlfriends. Very excited!

  2. Have fun in Paris!

    This is the opening weekend at Governors Island, so we will be riding the ferry over tomorrow and plan on renting bikes and picnicking. That’s our only plans for the weekend so far ;)

  3. I LOVE peonies…I have some blooming in my yard right now.
    Looking forward to a fun and relaxing weekend with family and friends. Going to the traditional Memorial Day parade and hanging out at the lake house.

  4. The Rodin Museum is my favorite museum in the whole world. (besides the Louvre of course!) The Rodin is lovely and a small and pretty escape inside the city. I am so excited for you/jealous! Look for the ‘Hands of God’ – particularly moving piece.

  5. Profitez bien de Paris! Oh how I adore peonies – I hope they are still lining the stands of les fleuristes en Paris! I suspect you’ll be in luck. We were married in France in late June and had no trouble finding peonies for our wedding.

  6. The gardens at the Rodin Museum are gorgeous – can picture sitting there now on a beautiful June day even though it’s been over 10 years since I’ve been there. Enjoy and share photos when you come back.

  7. You could just post pix of peonies, every day, FOREVER and I would be a Happy Little Ex-Hawaiian living person all the time! No peonies in Hawaii :( Although I do have a few peony bushes now that I live in Mainland U.S. and I basically wait allll year for them to bloom, it’s the highlight of my year. Saw your book post on Everything is Better with a Gorilla, hilarious!! Must get it!

  8. Gorgeous peonies! Plans for the weekend include the beach, and surprise trips to Busch Gardens and the movies for the kiddos. :)

  9. We’re headed to the beaches in South Carolina, and then we’re surprising the kids and taking them to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal in Florida (we’re hoping we can make it all the way to the gate without them figuring it out!)

    It’s no Paris, but it’ll be super fun!

  10. I just returned home to the States after a three week stint in Paris, and thought you might be interested in the following:

    The Centre Pompidou museum has a new exhibit, that just opened on wednesday, called PARIS-DELHI-BOMBAY… One of the coolest parts of the exhibit is the free, giant photo-booth portraits! There is usually a line, but it is worth the wait.
    I know you just took new family portraits, but having huge individual black & white portraits of everyone would certainly make a statement. One caveat though, the camera puts a bindi on your forehead.

    Have a fun weekend in Paris!

  11. Also on the art front: I just took my older son (4) to see Anish Kapoor’s Leviathan at the Grand Palais and we both loved it. I would avoid the weekend (we tried to go with some friends two Saturdays ago, but the line was untenable), but this morning at 10:20am there was no line and we slipped right in. It does not have to take too long and the Grand Palais is very central.

    And Chelly, I am really looking forward to seeing the Paris Delhi Bombay show–thanks for the tip!

  12. oh the Rodin Museum is FABulous! have a terrific time! i can’t quite recall (it was 8 yrs. ago), but i’m thinking the Picasso museum was free on weekends. i loved it!

  13. Wow sounds like a great weekend ! I love the grounds of Rodin Museum, it is a beautifull place. Not to mention the exhibitions there which are always fantastic. Combined together with French Open sounds like a dream weekend to me. Hope you´ll enjoy it.

  14. Our weekend will be very laid back and quiet. My husband is flying to London tonight but will be back home Sunday night. I’m laying low at home. Going to catch up on some gardening and sewing.
    Not to long ago during a London layover my husband caught a match at Wimbledon! He had so much fun!! Here’s to the French Open!!!;D

  15. That pile of peonies absolutely takes my breath away. They are my favorite flower. I might pass out if I saw that pile in real life.


  16. J’adore the Rodin. Just hanging out in the back garden is something we always do when we are in Paris. Nothing happening down here in the southwest for the long weekend. Actually we don’t start “working” until the first group of kids arrive in June 18th, so every day is a vacation day right now. Enjoy Paris. Hope you are having such beautiful weather like us down here.

  17. Hope you have a great day in Paris…it’s such beautiful weather in France and it’s the best time to go around Paris…Peonies are one of my fave too and they are all in full bloom right now in French gardens.

  18. Oh and I forgot, I was telling my hus a few weeks ago that the Rodin Museum is one of the best for me…the garden is a must to just hang out, contemplating…

  19. First of all I love the photo! Have a blast in Paris…I love Paris…am due for another visit. I’m desperately thinking for things to do indoors because it’s raining all weekend here….

  20. A trip to Paris on the train is so exciting and I’m so jealous! I hope you have a great holiday weekend, shopping for peonies, watching tennis and simply enjoying the city. Post again to update us on how everything went.

  21. Gabby,

    Is that Megan S.? If so, have so much fun! It’s fun to see what you’re up to over there – I’d LOVE to take my kids for a year’s sabbatical. I’m glad to see you’re taking advantage of all the lovely things in France.

  22. Wishing you piles of peonies! And loving the Rodin choice – what an experience with your family: his work and setting set in that setting — I mean what a cityscape one gets when looking back at the city through the gardens! Pure art. I love that pearl. What about: Jaquemart Andre? Have you been to that mansion which is now museum. Worthwhile and a very special slice of time.

    Could physically feel your June nursing story. Oh, I could have 10 children based on those primal feelings but: know 3 is my number. They then, thankfully, fill this spot with another kind of wonder.

    … Still back on Stockholm thoughts. Meeting a visitor always renews the way I see the world around me! We are about to start Swedish graduation week and the” graduation music truck” hughschool graduates rent and drive around the city in. It’s a tradition and phenomenon I’ve seen no where else?! Have you? Do you even know what I am talking about?

  23. Ah, Paris! Only been there once…didn’t see much of it…fell in love with it, of course! Hope you had a lovely weekend! We drove home from my parents (MD to MO) half the weekend and cleaned our in-the-process-of-being-renovated-house the rest of the weekend!

  24. I was just in Paris over the weekend. I live in Amsterdam, so I was horrified to see peonies in Paris being sold at nearly 10 times the price. I can get a nice small bunch for €3.50 at the market here. Still, lovely flowers though. And the Musee Rodin is my favorite Paris museum, with D’Orsay a close second.

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