Olive Us: Oscar’s Project

Oscar with tools

Oh my goodness. Watch this one with your kids! They will love it, I promise. And I think you’ll like it too. In fact, maybe it will get you excited for a weekend project. : )

Every time we share a new Olive Us video, I think to myself: this is my favorite one yet! But this time, I think I mean it even more than usual. Hah! The idea in this new video is simple as can be, but I hope it will inspire kids everywhere to get out there and tackle their own projects.

Take a look:

I have to say, this was a really fun episode to film. It was the first one we filmed here at our house in Oakland, and we loved putting our new backyard to work. Honestly, it was the first time we started day dreaming about what we’d like to do with the backyard, and this episode ending up having a lot of influence on this particular installation.

Oscar at workOscarBlair

I hope you enjoy the video! And if you have a child, or grandchild, or niece, or nephew that would enjoy it, I hope you get a chance to share it with them as well. Yay for the satisfaction of a job well done!

P.S. — Find all the posts I’ve written about Olive Us — including every episode — here.

12 thoughts on “Olive Us: Oscar’s Project”

    1. It really is a great back yard! We are still forming a vision of what it should ultimately be like. We haven’t really attempted much landscaping at all — and we’ve been here over a year.

      Because the yard hadn’t be touched for a couple of decades, we’re still clearing out old stuff. Piles and piles of old branches! It will be fun to get it down to a somewhat blank slate and then make a plan.

  1. So adorable! I just showed it to my almost 3 year old and he said, “that’s me!” Great job. I love how all of the Olive Us Videos capture the best of childhood.

  2. I’m laughing because I had the same reaction as you — I was like “OMG my favorite episode yet!!_ (except I also have lots of other favorite episodes too). This is so quintessentially Olive Us fantasticness — no special effects, no super-speed drama/ danger/suspense, but much more exciting than any of that stuff, because it’s something a real kid can do and is doing. So inspiring and empowering to kids! I will wait until the weekend to show this to my son, because I know that once he sees it we will be out back sawing something.

    1. “no special effects, no super-speed drama/ danger/suspense, but much more exciting than any of that stuff, because it’s something a real kid can do and is doing”

      Claire! I love your comment so much. That’s exactly how I feel! I’m picturing kids watching the video, then pulling on their own safety glasses and making something fun.

  3. In the episodes where all your kids are in them, I love how well they interact as an ensemble. They play off of each other’s body language so well! But then I see an episode like this one just starring Oscar and it’s like a whole new side of your family comes alive! Oscar reminds me so much of my own son and his curiosity….universal amongst little boys I think! Loved the way Oscar rolls up his sleeves before sawing away :). Can’t wait until the next one :). xoxo, Annie

  4. I have a sister that was always building swings for us. And shelves. So fun. You are lucky to have mature trees. We are in the desert. We would have to hang a swing from a cactus. Thank goodness for swing sets.

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