Olive Us: Episode 20: How To Be Two

Hooray! A new Olive Us episode has arrived. The concept of this episode might be the simplest one we’ve ever conceived: Follow 2-year-old Flora June Blair around for a day and capture it on video.

Two year olds have a reputation for being terrible, and as a mother of six, I’m no stranger to flat-on-the-floor-of-the-grocery store meltdowns, or frankly, playground/grandma’s house/preschool/playdate/library/car/sidewalk meltdowns either. Here is a shot of June taken this last weekend during a 20-minute stand off at the hotel pool — she refused to get out:

At the same time, I know that 2 years old is also one of the sweetest ages. There is so much discovery. So much growth. Huge jumps in vocabulary and communication. Huge jumps in independence. Lots and lots of opinions. Lots and lots of giggles. Here’s another photo of June on the day we filmed Cider Farm:

And here’s another from last August (complete with drool bubbles):

And just one more where she’s wearing the same darling dress from the video. You may remember the dress from this post, too — it was made by the talented Katy of No Big Dill:

First time parents will see their 2 year old as all grown up. Second-time-around parents will see that their 2 year old is really still a baby. I think both are right.

I hope you enjoy the video! It’s a sweet one. (And there’s a happy little bit after the credits, too.)

P.S. — More Olive Us videos.

96 thoughts on “Olive Us: Episode 20: How To Be Two”

  1. My baby turns 2 on the 8th I am so pumped to see what she learns and to watch her grow, but it also breaks my heart watching her turn into a big girl, I am pregnant with my second and plan on having many children, but I think since she is my first it’s bittersweet. The video is darling! and June seems so bright and sweet, I love how she takes her time building up that block tower and immediately kicks it down.

  2. Made me cry. My baby is about to be 2. You are right. The intensity of his emotions and moods makes for the best or the worst moments of my day.

    Several, several times over.

    When it’s bad – just wait it out. When it’s good – savor it.

    I love him so much.

  3. Oh, gosh this one is adorable. I want my kids to be 2 years old all over again after watching this video.
    I love the beauty and innocence of June here… I bet in years to come June will love this segment… This series is brillaint. Well done:O) thank you.

  4. As a mom of five kids I think I have begun to take things for granted. I’ve been through 2 four times before! But watching your video brought tears even to my eyes and reminded me how precious this time is, even if I forget it in the chaos of my big family. Thank you:)

  5. Sigh. I try not to miss my babies who are now grown. I like them now for sure, but I didn’t (probably) appreciate them enough when they were little. It’s agony. That’s being a mom, I guess and it explains (a little) the joy with which grandbabies are received.

    1. June and Betty have the biggest spacing (4 years to the week) of all our kids and I think it has made a huge difference in how we appreciate June’s baby stages. That, and also knowing she is our last.

      It makes me wonder if we should have had bigger spaces between all the kids.

    1. Hah! This was definitely the most time she spent with the camera. But really, even without Tiger in Jar around, we always seem to have an iPhone or our DSLR with us. And our kids have cameras too. So she’s for sure used to having cameras in the room. : )

  6. So sweet! My daughter is turning two in a couple weeks…my second, so like you said I feel like she is still a baby. But it goes too fast! What a sweet memory you have of June.

  7. the video made me tear up. it was so sweet and pulled at my heart strings as my last baby, who is now 2, will be turning 3 next month. amidst all of the meltdowns and power struggles, it really is such a tender age that i love. so bittersweet.

  8. SO sweet. I just got a little teary. 2 year olds are my favorite (favorite!) and I wish I had a little video like this of my girls at that age, especially since the little one is now 4 1/2 with no discernible “baby” left.

  9. I wish I had a video like that of my kiddos when they were two. Sooo sweet.

    By the way, I noticed in your instagrams that you don’t seem to use a stroller with June when you travel. Do you just all take turns carrying her when she gets tired?

    1. Yes. That’s right. We brought when when we moved here, but it turns out we haven’t traveled with a stroller. We find them tricky in Europe — there are so many stairs! And we have such capable carriers among us. There are 5 of us ready to pick up June or hold her hand when needed, so it’s been easy for us to go stroller less.

      But, in other stages of our life, a stroller was indispensable!

  10. I’m in the middle of the two year old year with my youngest. He is the most fun and the most work. We struggle because he needs me the most physically, but that is also what makes our relationship so great. Thanks for the post. A good reminder that 2 is great!

  11. This is absolutely adorable–I could watch it over and over and over (and maybe I will!). What you said about the way you view your children at different points of parenthood is so true–I wonder, will I always think of the youngest as a baby?:) Hope you’re enjoying Ireland!

  12. She is absolutely adorable! Those curls! You are dead on about two year olds. My Lily just turned one and I’m savoring the moments. My son is now 4 and it feels like it was just yesterday when he was just like Flora with big curls and learning how to say so many things! I love hearing her make the animal noises!

  13. This is beautiful! We are adopting a little girl who just turned two (on our anniversary). She is deaf, and she had a cochlear implant a few months ago. Seeing her discover sounds and find her voice has been amazing, as well as to see her explore EVERYTHING all the time! Thanks for making such a sweet video. :)

  14. I adore this one! I feel like it captures the slow and fast of a toddler day beautifully. The kicking down of the block tower is so great, as is June’s pre-nap grumping.

    Question, do you just spritz June’s hair with water each morning? My littles both have curls like June, and this straight-haired mama doesn’t really know what to do with them. Any suggestions?

    1. Yes. I spritz June’s hair with water each morning. Then gently scrunch the curls so they can absorb the water and reform. And that’s it. I also spritz after naps, or anytime the curls are looking sad and weary. If I don’t have a spray bottle handy, I get my hands wet and scrunch.

  15. That was beautiful! I have a two year old daughter with bright red, unruly, curly hair. What did you spray on her hair during the video to enhance her curls? It worked great! Thanks :)

  16. This was one of the sweetest videos ever. So beautiful, so touching! I am not a mother yet, but I could dive into June’s world and consider every one of her activities and imagining how she interacts with you. It was interesting to see her routine apart from her siblings and all the fun/noise you probably have often at home :) She will have a nice memory when she grows up for sure.

    Have a great week!
    P.s : As always, looking for updates from the beauty around your home this time of the year.

  17. lol I just love when she takes her pacifier out of her mouth. She has that look of “Hello…I’m ready to start my day now”
    So very sweet Gabby

  18. So sweet! My two year old will be three by the end of the month. O.0 We do still call her “the baby.” We called my oldest “the baby” until she was three and we had a new baby! LOL We’re not planning on having more, so no idea when Sosie will stop being the baby.

    She also has beautiful curls and we do the spray and scrunch, too! LOL

  19. how can you not eat her up? she is absolutely adorable!

    did one of the other kids got this incredible hair when they were little?

  20. I adore Baby June. This video is just precious. And you are so right about what you said about two being “big” and two being “baby”! This video is my fave – Baby June, the video and the music. xo

  21. Please tell June she has a biggest fan. Her name is Natasha and she is 2 1/2. I can’t wait for her to wake up for her nap so she can watch this episode.

  22. So darling….I think you are going to miss that awesome cottage when you move back….I know I would. …. everything’s so charming….even the cup she used for breakfast….Oh the style!

  23. This is the sweetest video. Made me want a film crew to follow mine around so I can watch it over and over when she’s bigger.

    2 is so trying. And so sweet. I love this reminder that it is sweet. Makes me want to go squish mine right now.

  24. mom in mendon

    My favorite shot is at the end when her little pink hand/pink blanket disappear from view. Love you, Junie B.

  25. Out. Of. Control. Cute!! You’ve inspired me to make more videos of my daughter (almost 3) I’ve got a gazillion pics of her on my phone.. but only maybe 5 videos!!

  26. That is 2! My youngest is 3 and oh how I miss 2…it is a sweet time. Wonderful to be on June’s level where the world is still a wonder at every turn. Lovely episode!

  27. This is the cutest video yet. June is 2 months older than my daughter. I loved how you spritzed her hair then scrunched it. My daughter has the typical Asian straight hair. I don’t even brush it in the morning because it doesn’t tangle.

  28. Oh how I love this! I am going to copy and film my two year-old tomorrow. It’s a magical age. And I completely agree, now that my 4th (and probably last, boo!) is 2 she’s still such a baby to me.

  29. The videos just keep getting greater and greater! I think you’ve hit your stride with this one! June is so precious and you captured all the wonderful moments of a two year old so creatively. Love love love!

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