Olive Us: Episode 19: Cider Farm

By Gabrielle.

Here’s another fun episode from Olive Us! Take a visit to a Normandy Cider Farm with Ralph, Maude, Olive, Oscar, Betty & June. See how the apples are harvested and the juice is bottled, and get a glimpse of the beautiful countryside.

Fun fact: Normandy is the only region of France that doesn’t produce wine. Instead, apples and pears are so abundant here that ciders and juices are the local drink (and calvados, for those seeking something a bit harder). Apple tarts are also famous in this region. And they are hands down delicious.

We filmed this episode at La Galotiere, the most picturesque little farm you’ve ever seen. We buy their apple juice by the crate!

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39 thoughts on “Olive Us: Episode 19: Cider Farm”

  1. I adore these videos, especially seeing your children interact with one another. I would love to read a post about how you encourage loving relationships between your children on a daily basis. This is a big issue in our house right now – everything from fighting over who gets to brush their teeth first, to jealousy over who has the nicer bed/dress/drawing/you-name-it, to talking kindly to one another. Actually, I think I could use a series of posts ;)

  2. So great. My middle is home sick today and I let him watch the video and see some of your Instagram shots of your garden. It seems he is no pining to go live in France. Not a surprise! What joie de vivre you and your family have! As for me, I am pining for a bit of quiet in my busy house of boys while we wait for spring, for Easter, for renewal and rebirth.

  3. ok, ok, ok, I can’t take the suspense! Just how many trees are on the farm and just how many apples per year to they harvest! TELL!

  4. Oh yes, I can’t wait to hear how many trees!!!
    I love that each child is solid in their answer….and so wildly different : )

  5. Thanks again for another wonderful video. All three of my children adore them (ages 10, 10 and 14) and so do I. It’s great to see June contributing to the event and the script.
    And, speaking for someone who’s currently looking out at the 2+ feet of snow melting in our yard and driveway–mucho gracias for the green grass, ripe trees, and beautiful farm footage.

  6. I love Oscar’s precise count of the apples: 10 million, 1000…and 80!! And little June’s counting skills are quite charming, as well.
    Do tell how you encourage cooperation and friendship in your family.

  7. My favorite one so far!! It was so dear that I had to call my husband to watch it with me a second time. He found it as delightful as I did! Love your family, love your lifestyle, and yes! Love that Normand Apple juice!

  8. I love your posts. Everyday i read you. And because you’re talking about “la galotiere” and because i lived for 2 month on ther

  9. I love your posts. Everyday i read you. And because you’re talking about “la galotiere” and because i lived for 2 month on ther little house i santés to share Thatcher it’s a wonderfull area. My girls are in the same school than yours and i’m looking for you everyday. And today i know that you will leave argentan on july. Sad not have to meet you before

  10. Loved loved loved this episode. In fact, I think it might be my fav. Although, the last episode was pretty awesome too. Anyway, thanks for putting a smile on my face today!

  11. What a delightful episode! I’m forwarding it to my grandkids in Mississippi as I’m sure they’ll love watching the apple tree shake. Plus, I’m dying to see if they’ll notice the uncanny resemblance of my grandson, Thomas, to Oscar.

  12. Just what I needed on this cold, wet, foggy day! It brought the sunshine and the
    wonderful orchard and the beautiful children and the delicious apple cider into
    my heart and changed a grey day into a joyful, happy, colorful, warm bright day!
    Thanks millions!

  13. Love these videos! I have always dreamed of living abroad with our crew (7 kiddos) and watching your charming family in the beautiful country is a little was escape for me. Thank you :)

  14. These videos always make me so happy. I love the different kids’ takes on everything. My own daughter watched it with me and proudly told me how they make apple cider- “with apples and cider.” The perspective of children is amazing and yours are beautiful!

  15. How fun! I loved hearing the kids speak (June’s counting: just adorable) and all the guesses about number of trees and apples were hilarious.

  16. WOW! This one was totally one of my favorites! I know its not as arty/dreamy as some of the others (like my crazy fave, Betty in Paris!) but in many ways I loved this almost more because we get to hear your charming kiddos waxing poetic about the apple farm. The shaking of the apple tree?? THAT WAS AMAZING! I loved their expressions (i’ve never seen one either and can’t wait to show Wolfie!). Honestly, you never fail to amaze me with the creativity and adorable-ness of these films. BRAVA!!!! xoxo

  17. This reminds me so much of the beautiful time I spent harvesting olives for olive oil! The whole community chipped in and we had some beautiful bonding moments. Beautifully grounding, connecting moments that are somewhat lost in our culture today. Blew my mind how much work goes into olive oil. How many cool tools. Greater respect for the beautiful product, indeed, Ralph.

  18. Your children have grown! Maude looks just like you, Gabby! I absolutely love this orchard adventure…their personalities shining through their recounts of the details. What a blessing to enjoy such a unique and educational experience — in a gorgeous countryside setting nonetheless.:) Cheers to fresh apple juice!

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