Olive Us: Episode 17: Snoball Cookies

By Gabrielle.

I’ve got a really beautiful new Olive Us episode to share with you today. It’s sweet and whimsical, and if you’re stuck inside with winter weather, it will be just the trick to get you up and making.

The recipe is one my family has been making for decades and it comes with the misspelling of snoball. We’ve chosen to keep the misspelling because we don’t want to jinx the recipe in any way! It’s so simple and yummy — I think these are my very favorite cookie.

For those of you ready to try it out, take note of the marble reference — with these cookies, bite-size is key! Find the full written recipe here.

Big thanks to Tiger in a Jar for their extra-dose of creativity on this one. And thanks to Tea Collection as well — they sent Betty’s sweet outfit!

40 thoughts on “Olive Us: Episode 17: Snoball Cookies”

  1. These look so perfect to try with kids! But did I miss where it said how long to bake and at what temperature? I’m taking notes!

  2. One of my favorite videos yet! I did giggle a little though when the bananas in the background magically appeared when the girls took the cookies out of the oven.

  3. We make nearly the identical cookie and call them Pecan Puffs — they’re our favorite, too. The video was precious — more than precious, actually — it was delightful in every way.

  4. This video is great and I love the beginning, just like other folks have mentioned.
    One recipe question–my kids don’t like nuts–any thoughts as to what would happen if I omit them?

    1. Great question, Jen!

      I’ve made these without nuts and they’re just as yummy. I’ve also crushed the nuts (I’ve used both pecans and walnuts) into crumbs and added them that way — you get a bit of nut in the flavor, but no nutty texture.

  5. The opening ingredient scene is absolutely gorgeous and the music suits the filming to perfection.

    My kids are always so excited when a new Olive Us video is released. And I often find them re-watching old episodes.

  6. I think this is my favorite Olive Us episode. I adore the ingredient introduction, and your girls are really great, too!

  7. Well technically, if you lived in Louisiana like I do, your “snoball” cookie would be spelled correctly. :) That’s how we spell our favorite summer treat down here, but then we like to put a twist on a lot of words.
    Love your videos and your kids – beautiful family!

  8. Darling intro. I love feeling a little connected to an episode like this. As I remember, growing up in the San Fernando Valley, our recipe card was written in my Grandma Rachel Evans’ writing, “Snoball Cookies.” : )

  9. Oh, the ever popular Mexican Wedding Cakes! I think this cookie has a million names but by any other name it tastes as sweet (to paraphrase Juliet).

    I love how different from each other your oldest daughters are.

  10. Such gorgeous girls. If only sisters always got along so well — and with that lovely music playing in the background!

  11. This is delightful! We have particularly bad weather today and we are all in a funk. This made me smile and we are going to make them right now.

    Ps. Your kids are so charming!

  12. At risk of being a sycophant, I have to say that the loveliness of your girls brought tears to my eyes. They postively glow. I love the ethereal lens Tiger Jar applied do this one!!

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  14. Honestly, these just keep getting better and better. The food animation at the start – LOVELY. After seeing Maude prancing around Paris I thought I had a favorite but now I think there is a tie ;)

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  16. I really enjoyed this. So much so I felt I had to leave a comment! The ingredient segment was so creative and your girls are so lovely. I’ve never heard of these cookies so thanks for sharing the recipe. I hope to try this with my kids one day.

  17. Beautiful video–I love the way the ingredients were introduced, too. Great-Grandma Eugenia taught us to make these and called them “Russian Teacakes.” I have very happy memories of rolling them with her.

    Sprinkling the cookies with powdered sugar is inspired! We roll and roll and roll and start to lose interest…. :)

  18. Wow! That was beautiful. My favorite part is when Betty is stirring and a little bit falls out, she looks at her big sisters a bit embarrassed and then she just keeps on stirring. It was such a sweet moment.

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