Old & New Friends

I have a couple more Broad Summit posts before I’ve absolutely exhausted the topic. Today I’m thinking about friends I’ve spent time with before — like
Melissa Summers and Chris Jordan. And friends I was excited to meet for the first time in real life — like Asha Dornfest, Kelly Wilkinson (who was my first Guest Aunt once upon a time), Mimi Smartypants and Zan McQuade.

This was true of sponsors too. Some were companies I’ve been a fan of for ages — like Flickr. And some I’m excited to get to know — like Typekit. I thought Typekit’s presentation was especially cool. They offered all attendees a year long subscription to their font service (I’m really looking forward to trying this out). And because it’s hard to wrap up something like an internet service subscription, they attached the card to rustic metal letters. G is for Gabrielle.

26 thoughts on “Old & New Friends”

  1. You are so right! I looked over the Cinnamon Sticks site and I found things I could buy for several people on my Christmas list, not to mention all the things I'd love to own!

  2. Hi Gabrielle
    Love how Typekit presented their gift. I'm using Typekit fonts on my blog. I still have lots to learn about it because I'm having issues with how it looks on Windows :( The concept is spot on.
    Bises, D

  3. What beautiful things! I now have some great Christmas gift ideas – and some stuff I wouldn't mind for myself either. Fingers crossed and hoping I win!

  4. I found your blog through daretodream and I am thrilled to learn of another mother of five in New York City. In our tiny spaces motherhood and design are a constant intersection. There is no fun without functionality.

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