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Hello, Friends! It was such a good trip to New York. Packed with meetings, meetings and more meetings — plus visits with some of my favorite people. It feels good to be back with my family. I arrived home yesterday and assumed I would jump right back into work, but forgot how jet-lagged I would be. I think I slept for 20 hours straight! : )

One of the highlights of the trip was getting the cracked glass on my phone repaired. On the spur of the moment, I had it replaced with red! It makes me happy when I pull it out of my pocket.

P.S. — Just curious: do you use covers for your phones? I confess, I never have. I like the feel of the bare phone in my hand.

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  1. I do love the feel of a naked phone in my hand, but I’d be afraid I’d have to fixed cracked glass all the time! Especially since I do on rare occasions let my kids hold it. I’ve got mine in the industrial Otterbox – it’s clunky and not as nice to feel, but my phone is safe and sound. I love the red!

  2. Haha, as I was looking at your phone I thought — wait, where’s the case? ;o) My phone would be destroyed without the case, although I do like the feel of it without! I have a Speck case, which I love. When I drop it, it bounces! Perfect!

  3. I actually don’t like the feel of a naked iphone in my hands! The 4 series is so slippery I’m always worried about dropping it down a drain or something…. so it’s clunky cases for me. I had a wooden (yes! wooden!) one I loved, but it smashed when I dropped my phone on tile (at least it wasn’t my phone though, eh?). So now I have an ugly plastic one. Since my iphone got snatched (in the street in London!) recently, I’m happy with anything that makes it look less desirable.

  4. I have a bright green case on my phone, otherwise it gets lost in the black cave of my handbag and I can’t find it!

  5. I have a clunky black Otterbox case – unattractive but does the job of protecting my phone! I am prone to dropping and breaking phones…

    So glad you had a wonderful trip! That red phone sure is cheery!

  6. Ok, seriously, how cute is Dr. Brenden?

    I have a naked iPhone 4, too. I would love a wood case but fear it would interfere with my “fling in my pocket” method of carrying it around. (Not to mention my occasional “fling in my bra” method. Cecily K. taught me that trick!)

    I really should put a protective skin on the front at the very least. but I haven’t bothered.

  7. wow!! that is a stunning iPhone. i wish i had red on mine. i just got the new 4S with Siri, and i can’t wait to get a case for it…..the phone just feels strange without a cover, and my hands don’t grip it well due to it’s slickness.

    i LOVE the red.

  8. I work for a Canadian cell phone company and after hearing so many horror stories about cracked glass and smashed phones just days after the initial purchase I am 100% all for cases!

  9. What kind of place did you have the glass replaced? Did the Apple store do it? As far as cases go, we have 2 very curious little people in our house and they love the iphones, so we keep cases on them. My husband has the Otterbox (he drops things all of the time) and I have the simple, free case that came with mine. I have been in search for a great looking case but have not found one yet.

    I do love the red on yours. I didn’t know you could do that. It’s awesome!

  10. Love the red! Cases all round at our house. I dropped my husband’s when it was v ‘young’. Lucky the case hides the scratch. I’m pretty impressed you go without a case.

  11. I love carrying my iPhone bare. It’s so slim and sleek, I hate ruining all that with a bulky case. That being said, your red has got me jealous. I’m bummed they only come in black and white and I’ve been wishing they’d come out with one in red. Enjoy!

  12. Otterbox-When my iPhone was new I absentmindedly set it on the edge of the hood on my husbands Jeep and then forgot about it. We then drove down our very steep drive, along the ocean, over a small mountain, along a cliff over a bridge and through town. Later when shopping I remembered the phone, in panic dashed to the parking lot and found it sitting just where I left it. The grippy part on the bottom totally kept it from being destroyed despite my best efforts.

  13. I prefer my phone without a cover too. But with my 5, 3, and 1 year old boys… the phone would be destroyed in a day. So I got a cover in a jaunty color and that makes me happy enough. I wish my actual phone was red! Glad the visit to NY was fun and that you made it back home to enjoy sleep and family.

  14. I HAVE to have a cover…with two kids who can’t keep their hands off it…make that 3…I can’t keep my hands off it either.
    I mean, how did we survive before the iPhone????

  15. Loving the red case! I actually made my own with a premade white bumper and clear back (I have the 4) and then laid in an oilcloth print I like. SO now my phone is both protected and very unique!

  16. Like many others, I bought a case after my iphone cracked on the sidewalk. I really liked a bright purple case but ended up getting one in blue — purple is my four year old’s favorite color and the phone would have ended up being even more of a kid magnet than it already is.

  17. Seeing the background on your screen (not the red) reminded me of the free backgrounds Becky Higgins has on her site. I had to double-check, because I actually thought yours was one of them. She also has free iPad downloads that I preferred over any of the pre-loaded designs. (Scroll down to the bottom half of the page.)
    I do like the red too. Sara- I like your idea to design your own unique phone. There are so many ways we can add our own touch!

  18. I love cute covers. They’re like little pieces of art you can accessorize with haha…..I’m not crazy enough to have one for everyone outfit. But I have 3 that change with my mood. Mostly I use cases so I can feel the silicone in the depths of my purse lol

  19. I just got a new 4s, my first iphone. Hubs has had a 3gs for quite some time now. He has used an “incase” cover on his phone but ended up stopping because he couldn’t get into docks, etc very well. Plus, it was hard to take off the bottom section so he gave up. He will replace his probably in a few months but MY new iphone has to last me a while. I got the $99 protection plan which now covers 2 “oops” like a drop that cracks the glass. But that being said, I want to avoid cracked glass if at all possible. (I had no idea the front AND back were glass until I bought it!). Right now I am debating a slip feather incipio case or just going with a skin to brighten it up.

  20. i use the case. we also have a 4 and 2 year old that think iphones are fun…knowing there is a nice design under the cover is enough for me! :)

  21. I am thinking there are no small Angry Bird fans at chez B. :> Otterbox after our 9yo boy shattered a screen. Also, even our littlest loves the audio stories from Tales2Go, and she can flick through them to find her favorites…that app alone (and allowing her to use it) have saved my sanity many times! The red is fun. Otterbox comes in many colors. :>

  22. I’m not a huge fan of the front cover layer, although I use one because I’m sort of a walking disaster. I’m not sure it really does much good but I like to know I’m being as safe as possible so when I wreck the phone anyhow I can think “Oh well. I did all I could.” :)

  23. I don’t care for a cover on my iPhone either (and the kids are busy getting the iPad messy) but I did want something to protect it in my purse. I bought a apple-patterned fabric case/bag from pippichick on etsy. Super cute, washable, and holds my headphones/a credit card/ a little cash.

  24. OTTERBOX … I hated it when my husband insisted. But, two events have made me a believer in the Otterbox Impact series.

    1. I left it on the side of my car and drove home 15 minutes on the freeway without it moving an inch!

    2. Last week in NYC a taxi ran over and my phone completely survived! My case was mangled a bit, the iphone was basically unscathed.

  25. Yes, I have a blue case for my phone and it makes me feel good, too.

    For a second when I first saw the picture of your phone, I thought this was a post on the new iphone.. I have the 3 (skipped the first 4) so I’m thinking about splurging on the new one.

    I love new gadgets, but geez, they come out so fast, I have to pace myself.

    dee :)

  26. G,
    I have an iphone and have a cover on it named OTTER! You can literally chink it across the room and it will not break!!! It is awesome! It has a lifetime warranty too! I can’t tell you how many times I have dropped my phone! I am a clutz but saved by the OTTER!

  27. I have an IPod Touch that I basically use like an IPhone since I get Skype credits on it. HUGE fan of rubberized cases. I have the black Griffith silicone /rubber cover and it has been incredible. I have 2 wee ones and one dropped the Touch 20 feet into a tennis court (he was so proud of it too). Survived the fall with no scratch!

    Your phone looks fab though!

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