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I’m off to New York today. So excited! The weather looks like it’s going to be amazing.

Something funny: I have all sorts of errands to run while I’m there. Things like getting a camera lens fixed, an external harddrive salvaged, and my iPhone glass replaced. All errands that I could technically run in France, but I’ve saved them for this trip because it will be so much easier to take care of them in a city I know well — and where English is spoken! : )

If you were in New York City this week, what would you want to do?

P.S. — I’m a little obsessed with these photos of New York taken by Charles Cushman in the middle of the last century. I put together a slideshow with some of my favorites here. Wouldn’t you love to own the frankfurters umbrella?

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  1. I would visit my sister because she lives there and I haven’t seen her for two months. Then, we’d go to all our favorite restaurants and shop, shop, shop. I love NYC!

  2. I sometimes feel like the streets were entirely anarchical back then. Cars and even some horses just kind of driving willy-nilly. I think I’m glad I’m a pedestrian in the days of crosswalks. I used to live in NY and the streets were still kind of scary!

  3. If I was flying to New York this week:
    Bergdorf Goodman
    Walk in Central Park with a hot coffee and a hot bagel from H&H
    Gramercy Tavern
    Visit my awesome friend Jen
    The Cooper-Hewitt
    Shopping for nothing special. Just remember what it’s like to be among fashionable people (sorry, Austin!)
    Browsing at the Strand

    Have a wonderful, fabulous time! Safe travels!

  4. barchbo, I love your list!

    I just spent a glorious weekend in the city after too long an absence, and, for the first time rented a bike in Central Park. It could not have been more delightful with my twin sister by my side and my little Miss Pippy in tow, literally!

    My weekend observation – stripes rule the day! I saw them everywhere on everyone.

    stop by FIT’s tribute exhibit to Ms. Daphne Guiness – all that McQueen, all that couture – to.die.

    best – d.

    post script: don’t forget, goodwill, pass it on.

  5. I was just there this past weekend…I have that same shot of the Empire State Building. There’s a great photography exhibit at MOMA right now. Other than that, try for the Highline, Mario Batali’s Eataly (right there at the Flatiron), and Central Park of course! The weather will be glorious! Have a great trip..

  6. Have fun! I live in Brooklyn and a friend of mine tried to go to the SoHo Apple store to get his iPhone glass fixed – they either said they didn’t do it or that it was more expensive than replacing the iPhone altogether. Good luck and hope you get a better response!

  7. I would head to the meat packing district and try out restaurants. After watching Martha Stewarts show for years I have always wanted to go to this area and try out the amazing restaurants featured on her show. I would also love to go to the art Museum. Never been despite all my trips to New York City!

  8. It’s really cool reading what other people would do if they were visiting here. I need to try a “week as a tourist” one of these days. I live here and will probably just spend the week working at home, popping out to run an errand or two, baking, and maybe go out for dinner on the weekend.

  9. Well…after living in a small town in Italy for the past decade I would probably just walk around and gawk at everybody and everything. And just inhale that fabulous, filthy NYC air!

  10. I’ll be in New York next week. Will you still be there? :-) I’m coming up to visit the store and see my brother. Would love to meet for coffee if you have time! –Linda (Oh, yes, go to the donut place, that’s on my list!)

  11. I was just there two weekends ago! Too bad we couldn’t cross paths. The weather is great! Enjoy walking around and just being there! =)

  12. I love NY in the fall. In fact, DH and I got married in Brooklyn 13 years ago this month. :) I’d definitely go to the Highline. I went this summer and I’d love to see it in the fall. I’d also see a ballet and a film. And since I’m a Brooklyn girl, I’d want to check out the newish Dekalb Market and maybe see what’s going on over at Etsy Labs.

  13. Jaime de Brebisson

    I totally understand waiting until you’re stateside to run errands…I went to visit a friend in Denver for a week and feel like I spent the entire time running around and getting the few things we just cant find here in France or are a whole lot cheaper in the US! Not to mention the ease of using English…ohhh…I know many here are so excited about NY, but I would go just about anywhere in the US.. :)

  14. I was in NYC last week (which is kind of a big thing for me, as I live in Montreal), with my almost-three son and his father. We particularly enjoyed the Children’s Museum of the Arts, the High Line and Artists & Fleas Market in Brooklyn (Williamsburg). I would do it all again this week if I could!

    Enjoy your time in NYC!

  15. I live in the NYC suburbs of NJ and I *will* be in NYC this weekend! I’m going in on Sunday to take my 3 yr old to see the dinosaurs (her favorite thing ever) at the Natural History museum. I am sooo excited :) Maybe I’ll bump into you!

  16. What would I want to do? Have lunch with you! ;) (and go to church in a high rise bldg) We barely missed each other, as my 13 year old daughter and I just returned from a fun 4 day jaunt in the city. It was delightful, but never enough time to do all that I want. We went with my SIL and her daughter, so unfortunately much of our time was a little dictated for us. BUT the bright side is the weather was divine! You couldn’t have timed it better (although you probably already know that. ha! ) And considering I’m a California girl living in Georgia, I find it serendipitous how much I love NYC… I would shout “BEAUTY” every morning in NYC for whole different reasons. People watching is my favorite. Have a wonderful time!

    p.s. I’m hoping our next stop is France. It has been in discussion for a few months now, and I’m so glad I have your blog as inspiration, and proof for my Mister, that it can be done! Thank you for sharing all of your lovely adventures!!!

  17. coincidentally, i’m going to be in NY the rest of this wk and next as well. i’m attending a wedding in northern NY and then will be in the City all next week. visiting from CA. my list comprises of places to eat, shop and take my 7 yo daughter such as the Museum of Natural History, Central Park Zoo, MoMA, Brooklyn Bridge, Moomah, Play, hop over to Williamsburg and Brooklyn… :O)

  18. Since you love the old NY photos you must walk the high line….great mix of old and new…..enjoy! I go often from LA and always hit the rocks at Central Park

  19. p.p.s. What I didn’t get to do and am DYING to do, is hit little vintage shops, flea markets and hidden used bookstores. I know there has got to be plenty of those around that I’m missing out on. Oh the smell of old books makes me giddy! ;)

  20. OMG! I was just introduced to his photography and can’t wait to print (in COLOR!) and use them in my teaching! This weekend is comiccon/anime. I have never been and feel a little silly at my age (44:), but one of my son’s hobby websites ( gave him a press pass and I’d like meet him later in the day. Enjoy your visit…will this make you homesick?

  21. I live here, and am thrilled to read everyones suggestions! I don’t get much time to explore right now, but I had to suggest all of the markets that happen all over the city during the weekends. My favorite, and where I’ll be all weekend, is Artist’s and Fleas in Williamsburg as someone else mentioned. Down the block is Smorgusburg on Saturday which is 20 or so Food trucks and farmer’s market as well as the Brooklyn Flea on Sunday. Check out for other ones!

  22. Ahh…I heart NY! If I were there this week, I’d take my daughter to the NYC ballet. She’s a dancer and I want more than anything for her to get to experience dance on such a level.

    Wishing you safe travels…enjoy your trip!

  23. Rain or Shine after a roam through the Met I would walk through the park to the upper west side to get a hot H&H bagel… I never really ate bagels when I lived in NYC, but now that I am gone – there is nothing else like them. The museum, food, and good friends…that is what I miss about New York.

  24. Since I live here, really I would like to switch places and go to France! but if I were you…I’d go to Lincoln Center (where I work, btw) and check out the new fountain…it does a really nifty show. Then I would go to the Mormon Temple across the street. Beautiful from the outside, would love to see the inside.

    1. It is so beautiful on the inside. I only live 10 blocks away and I haven’t been inside for almost a year. I need to go; thanks for the reminder.

  25. I’d sit on the steps at Union Square and watch the world go by. For starters. I love and miss NY so much it makes me cry. And i’m really far away in Mumbai, India. Enjoy. I’m jealous. Really jealous.

  26. Ahhh… I miss New York. Spent 7 lovely years there. No place like it in the world. Whatever you do, it’ll be amazing, just take in the energy.

  27. Hey Gabby … It’s Allison from your Westchester days. I just went back and visited NYC myself last week. My new favorite thing in the city is the High Line Walk in Chelsea, followed by an open faced ham and cheese at Pasties. And then on your walk back to the subway, get a passionately-kissed twinkie from Lulu’s. Yum!

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